Jackpot Result Today – Kerala Jackpot Result

Jackpot Result Today is announce now. You can check all previous and latest Kerala Lottery Results 2023 here. We update all results on urgent basis.

People spend money by purchasing numbered tickets in a jackpot lottery. We can select a range of numbers; if any of those numbers are drawn, the winners will be those whose tickets match those numbers. The Kerala State Lottery agency possesses seven weekly lotteries. Each day at 3:00 PM, they do a unique drawing.

The State of Kerala monitored the distribution of today’s Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result. If you’re looking for today’s Kerala Jackpot Lottery Result, you would like to read this. After this, other Indian states followed Kerala’s lead and established their lotteries. A total of 485 people work at Kerala’s Lottery office. The latest Kerala Jackpot Lottery results are posted here.

Here you can find a live update of the Kerala jackpot result, revealing the winning numbers from the latest Kerala lottery.

Check out the Jackpot result today at 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 3:30 PM, 5:30 PM, 6:30 PM, and 7:30 PM! Let’s read this to see if you won the jackpot lottery today.

NameTime1st Prize: 10,000/-2nd Prize: 1000/-
Lotto10:30 AM40101
Jackpot11:30 AM11818
Lucky12:30 PM24545
Queen01:30 PM43737
King03:30 PM22222
Star05:30 PM
Jackpot06:30 PM
Lotto07:30 PM

How to Check Lucky Jackpot Results Online?

  • Please check out our website for the latest jackpot result.
  • You should see the date and the name of the lottery results.
  • Open the page that lists the winners of the lottery.
  • Make sure you check the results very carefully.

Things To Know About Jackpot Lottery

Please fill out the back with your name, address, and signature to claim your ticket. The ticket’s rightful owner is determined by their name, address, and signature.

Lottery retailers are the only places to claim prizes of less than Rs 5,000. Prizes of more than RS 5,000 must be claimed at a bank or government lottery office.

There is a 30% tax exemption on Kerala lottery winnings. The agent’s commission is 10% of the total.

All winning tickets have a 30-day deadline and must be submitted to the closest Lottery office.

The Lottery must be submitted directly to the district office if the prize pool is more than one lakh rupees. Your ticket may be declared invalid if it is not submitted.

Each day at 4 PM, we announce the full list of winning numbers and names.

A computerized lottery number generator is used to select winners by the Lottery Department.

History of Kerala Jackpot Lottery

In 1967, when it was initially established in our country, Kerala became home to the Directorate of Kerala state lotteries, which included the first lottery department in our country. P K Kunju Sahib, the former finance minister of Kerala, had the correct idea when he recommended a lottery. Lottery sales were one of the numerous non-tax revenue streams from which he anticipated the state would benefit. For the poor, it provides a regular flow of money.

The Kerala lottery is the most famous in our country. The state of Kerala’s lottery office is in charge of the event’s organization. The lottery in Kerala is run by its department. The state’s lottery department organized all lottery-related activities in Kerala. The Directorate of the Kerala State Lottery begins airing live broadcasts of the Jackpot outcome.

The lottery prizes range from six to seven different categories. The daily Kerala lottery result is posted on the main website at 3:00 PM. The numbers you pick today may be today’s Kerala jackpot lottery winners. The jackpot daily result is uploaded with the winning numbers and names.

Jackpot Lottery Prizes

A winner has been declared for the Kerala Jackpot. You have to compare the results of the announced lotteries in the Kerala Government Gazette with the total number of lotteries. You must get the winning ticket turned in as soon as possible.

A list of winners has been made available by the lottery agency. The winner of the first award will get one million rupees. The runner-up will take home Rs. 1,000,000 in prize money. There will be several winners who share the millions in prizes.