What is the 213 area code? (Location, Time zone) Read All Details Here!

213 area code and 323 are allocated telephone numbers to the California state by the NANP. They are given to a numbering plan area encompassing central Los Angeles and numerous Southeast LA areas, including Huntington Park and Bell

Starting in 1998, when added 323, the area codes marked independent NPAs, but in 2017, they were united in an overlay plan from a single numbering plan area. Before, area code 213 serviced only downtown Los Angeles and the instant surrounding neighborhoods, while local code 323 covered the rest of central Los Angeles. One of the first area codes, 213, was established with the Northern America Numbering Plan in 1947, and it has been split five times since then. portrait pro 15 crack

The following are significant places and cities in California with area code 213:

Sanford, Watts, downtown Los Angeles, and Dockweiler are all served by area code 213. 


On January 1, 1947, area code 213 became operational.

In 1951 area code 213 was separated to create area code 714. In 1957 area code 213 was divided into area code 805. Area code 213 was divided in 1984 to form area code 818. Area code 213 was divided in 1991 to create area code 310. In 1998, 213 area code was disparted to create area code 323.


The 213 area code is allocated to the California state, and it encompasses all of downtown Los Angeles and nearby cities like Westmont and Huntington Park.

Time zone:

The time zone for the 213 area code is Pacific. Los Angeles and America is another name for the Pacific time zone. Now the time is 11:25 p.m; as of the last, this page was loaded.

Top 24 cities in area code 213:

NoCityTotal Population% of 213% of City
1Los Angeles, CA3,792,62167%100%
2East Los Angeles, CA126,4964%100%
3South Gate, CA94,3963%100%
4Florence-Graham, CA63,3872%100%
5Montebello, CA62,5004%100%
6Huntington Park, CA58,1142%100%
7Bell, CA35,4771%100%
8Westmont, CA31,8531%100%
9Monterey Park, CA60,2692%100%
10Maywood, CA27,3951%100%
11Inglewood, CA109,6731%100%
12Cudahy, CA23,8051%100%
13West Hollywood, CA34,3991%100%
14Walnut Park, CA15,9660%100%
15Bell Gardens, CA42,0720%100%
16Willowbrook, CA35,9831%100%
17Commerce, CA12,8233%100%
18View Park-Windsor Hills, CA11,0751%100%
19South Pasadena, CA25,6191%100%
20West Athens, CA8,7291%100%
21Hawthorne, CA84,2930%100%
22Lynwood, CA69,7720%100%
23Ladera Heights, CA6,4981%100%
24Vernon, CA1123%100%

More California area codes:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some questions related to the 213 area code, which are as follows:

1- Is it feasible that 213 numbers are a scam?

When you encounter area codes that you recognize, you naturally assume they are from where they originated. Scammers are now improving their game regarding phones; therefore, it’s still best to be cautious. Scammers can also change their area codes, thanks to the advent of online businesses that allow consumers to choose their own ten numeral numbers. 

Follow our steps to block these numbers for your protection:

For iPhone users

To stop a caller on an iPhone, click the encircling I for more details and then plug in this caller.

For Android users

Go to Recent Calls, click details, and then block this number.

2- How can I get a 213 area code?

When you buy a 213 local code phone number, contact a company like Global Call Forwarding. This industry is perfect for excellent service at the lowest price if you need your numbers set up as soon as feasible.

3- What is the procedure for dialing a are code 213?

Certain adjustments to dialing a 213 number have been introduced from July 8, 2017. The CPUC established a border elimination code that allows 323 numbers to service people in 213 areas, allowing people to keep the service they choose. Dial 1+ area code + 7 numerals phone numbers to call from a landline. It is only valid for calls made within the same area code. 

The exact method used to mobile phones, with the addition of 1+ area code before the digit or a shortcut by dialing the code + 7 numeral number.

4- What cities are covered by the 213 local code?

After the 2017 overlay, plan region code 213 now serves California, Los Angeles. The coverage area includes the following areas: Hollywood Hills, Downtown L.A., and the following location:

  • South L.A
  • Lincoln Heights
  • Koreatown
  • South gate
  • Bell
  • Huntington Park
  • Oaks
  • Gardenia
  • Florence
  • Sherman
  • Montebello
  • Burbank

5- More information about the 213 region code.

213 is the region code covering the Los Angeles metropolitan area and its surrounding cities, with 323 as an overlay. Pacific Time Zone (PTZ) is the time zone code. With the opening of numerous commercial and entertainment initiatives, office buildings, retail complexes, and restaurants, the Los Angeles area may have encountered a speed hump. Still, it remains one of the vast business and economic centers in the U.S. 

A person who has business in Los Angeles must have a 213 prefix number because it adds value to their company.


Downtown L.A. is covered by area code 213, which has recently become an overlay number with 323. These figures encompass areas of L.A. outside of the Downtown area. Huntington Park, L.A., West Hollywood, Bell Gardens, Westmount, and Beverly are large cities in this area code.

You may find various theaters, high-end offices, museums, boutiques, parks, and other attractions in this neighborhood. More importantly, Downtown Los Angeles has a plethora of luxury living alternatives, attracting inhabitants with high salaries and a taste for the finer things in life.