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262 area code was first founded on September 25, 1999, when 414 was divided. It covers a large portion of southeastern Wisconsin. It covers the majority of Milwaukee suburbs, but not Milwaukee country.

Fox River and Green Bay divided off as area code 920 in 1997, after 414 had served the eastern region of Wisconsin for half a century. Even though this was intended to be a long-term solution, due to the ongoing development of cell phones and pagers, 414 was back on the verge of fatigue within a year when it became clear that 414 would run out of numbers, the initial plan planned for 262 to be used as an overlay for the entire state of Wisconsin.


On September 25, 1999, 262 region code was officially activated for the first time. The area code 414 was used to create code.


The suburbs of Milwaukee are served by area code 262. Kenosha, Racine, and Waukesha are all part of it. The area code is the only one that fits the area.

Time zone:

The Central time zone, often known as the Chicago and America time zone, is the Wisconsin area code. The modified time is known as central daylight time during daylight savings time. Due to daylight saving time, counties in Wisconsin follow (GMT5)

From mid-March to early November. However, during the spring and summer months, the state observes (GMT6). Somehow, It is essential to keep the path of these time zone.

Top 50 Cities in Area Code 262:

NoCityTotal Population% of 262% of City
1Kenosha, WI99,2181% 
2Racine, WI78,8601%100%
3Waukesha, WI70,7181%100%
4Brookfield, WI37,9201%100%
5New Berlin, WI39,5841%92%
6Menomonee Falls, WI35,6261%100%
7West Bend, WI31,0781%100%
8Mount Pleasant, WI26,1971%100%
9Caledonia, WI24,7052%98%
10Mequon, WI23,1322%96%
11Germantown, WI19,7491%100%
12Pleasant Prairie, WI19,7191%100%
13Oconomowoc, WI15,7590%100%
14Whitewater, WI14,3900%100%
15Hartford, WI14,2230%100%
16Pewaukee, WI13,1951%100%
17Muskego, WI24,1351%52%
18Grafton, WI11,4590%100%
19Cedarburg, WI11,4120%100%
20Richfield, WI11,3001%100%
21Port Washington, WI11,2500%100%
22Sussex, WI10,5180%100%
23Burlington, WI10,4640%100%
24Elkhorn, WI10,0840%100%
25Hartland, WI9,1100%100%
26Delavan, WI8,4630%100%
27Pewaukee, WI8,1660%100%
28Lake Geneva, WI7,6510%100%
29Mukwonago, WI7,3550%100%
30Delafield, WI7,0850%100%
31Sturtevant, WI6,9700%100%
32Jackson, WI6,7530%100%
33Twin Lakes, WI5,9890%100%
34Elm Grove, WI5,9340%100%
35Waterford, WI5,3680%100%
36Wind Lake, WI5,3420%100%
37Michigan, WI5,1331%100%
38Slinger, WI5,0680%100%
39Union Grove, WI4,9150%100%
40Saukville, WI4,4510%100%
41Okauchee Lake, WI4,4220%100%
42East Troy, WI4,2810%100%
43Kewaskum, WI4,0040%98%
44Pell Lake, WI3,7220%100%
45Rochester, WI3,6821%100%
46Camp Lake, WI3,6650%100%
47Merton, WI3,3460%100%
48Thiensville, WI3,2350%100%
49Genoa City, WI3,0420%100%
50Paddock Lake, WI2,9920%100%

Top 7 counties in area code 262:

NoCountyTotal Population% 0f 262% of County
1Waukesha, WI389,89121%95%
2Washington, WI131,88717%100%
3Walworth, WI102,22821%94%
4Racine, WI195,40813%44%
5Kenosha, WI166,42611%37%
6Jefferson, WI83,6866%26%
7Ozaukee, WI86,3959%21%

Nearby area code:

1224/847(Elgin, IL) 
2262(Kenosha, WI) 
3414(Milwaukee, WI)  
4608 (Madison, WI) 
5779/815(Rockford, IL)
6920 (Green Bay, WI)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some relevant questions related to what is 262 area code is, which are as follows:

Why should I get a phone number with the 262 area code for my business?

Small businesses account for nearly all of Wisconsin enterprises. Wisconsin location, robust workforce, blanched budget, and concentration on research and development make it a great business climate. Wisconsin businesses have the chance to collaborate with regional and local development agencies, industry groups, and academic institutions.

This type of networking connects these companies to solutions that help them develop. Small firms have a strong chance of prospering in this environment because of the collaboration and availability of competent employees. 

What are the additional details on the 262 region key?

STEM-related jobs are encouraged and supported by the state. Agriculture, power, energy, health, water technology, beverage, food, and manufacturing are all industries in Wisconsin. For many businesses, highly skilled labor is readily available. Furthermore, Germany and Wisconsin maintain cultural and commerce ties dating back to when German immigrants landed in Wisconsin. Synergies in the manufacturing sector have resulted from these relationships, focusing on water technology and the food and beverage industries.

Having a specific area code number might help your firm gain credibility and a more local vibe. It offers the company an edge over its competitors. As a result, having and marketing a local phone number can help give your company the legitimacy it needs to stand out. Specific area codes provide value to a company’s overall image.

Small business 


The 262 area code serves the majority of southeast Wisconsin. It includes the Milwaukee suburbs and the countries of Waukesha, Kenosha, and Racine. To avoid exhausting all 414 numbers, the area code was created on September 25, 1999. As an outcome, the 262 area code was designated as an overlay for all of Southeast Wisconsin. Due to opposition to combining area code in the same part, 262 was selected as a different area code. It now encompasses nearly all of the original 414 territories except Milwaukee country.

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