What is the 276 area code? (Location, Time zone) Read All Details Here!

276 area code of the North American Numbering Plan is assigned to Virginia in the US. on September 1, 2001, a separate area code 540 was created. Back to October 20, 2021, telephone numbers with the central office code 988 were assigned to area 276.


Back in 2001, the 540 area code served inhabitants throughout Southern Virgine and the Northwestern state region. However, when the population of this area grew, it was decided that a new area code should be chosen.

However, this is exclusively for the 540 area code jurisdiction in the Southwest. As an outcome, area code 276 was born on September 1, 2001. It is now the primary area code for most New River Valley. On the Virginia side, there are also the tri-cities. 


The majority of 276 area code phone numbers are in one of two cities Martinsville or Bristol. With 17,000 people, Bristol is the larger of the two cities. Bristol is the state line between Tennessee and Virginia on the other side. So it’s not only a Virginia city, but it’s also a Tennessee city.

Therefore, on the other side, Martinsville is a distinct and whole city in Virginia. If you exclude Bristol, it’s the largest of the cities with a 276 area code. Therefore, this town is estimated to have the most residents with a 276 area code phone number, with a population of over 12,408 individuals.

Area code 276 is located in the far Southwest part of Virginia on the map. It covers a large area of Virginia because it is the only area code for this part of the state. It serves a total of 12 distinct countries.

Time zone:

The 276 area code is located in the eastern time zone. So, the Eastern time zone is also well known as New York and America.

Nearby area codes:

1276Bristol, VA
2304,681West Virginia
3336,743Greensboro, NC
4423Chattanooga, TN
5434Lynchburg, VA
6540Roanoke, VA
7606Ashland, KY
8865Knoxville, TN

Top counties in area code 276:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 276% of County
 1Washington, VA54,8768%100%
 2Henry, VA54,1516%100%
 3Tazewell, VA45,0788%100%
 4Wise, VA41,4526%100%
 5Smyth, VA32,2087%100%
 6Carroll, VA30,0427%100%
 7Wythe, VA29,2357%100%
 8Russell, VA28,8977%100%
 9Lee, VA25,5876%100%
 10Buchanan, VA24,0987%100%
 11Scott, VA23,1778%100%
 12Patrick, VA18,4907%100%
 13Bristol, VA17,8350%100%
 14Dickenson, VA15,9035%100%
 15Grayson, VA15,5336%100%
 16Martinsville, VA13,8210%100%
 17Galax, VA7,0420%100%
 18Bland, VA6,8245%98%
 19Norton, VA3,9580%100%
 20Franklin, VA56,1591%6%

Top cities in the 276 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 276% of City
1Bristol, VA17,8350%100%
2Martinsville, VA13,8210%100%
3Wytheville, VA8,2110%100%
4Abingdon, VA8,1910%100%
5Collinsville, VA7,3350%100%
6Galax, VA7,0420%100%
7Marion, VA5,9680%100%
8Richlands, VA5,8230%100%
9Big Stone Gap, VA5,6140%100%
10Bluefield, VA5,4440%100%
11Tazewell, VA4,6270%100%
12Norton, VA3,9580%100%
13Lebanon, VA3,4240%100%
14Wise, VA3,2860%100%
15Hillsville, VA2,6810%100%
16Woodlawn, VA2,3430%100%
17Raven, VA2,2700%100%
18Horse Pasture, VA2,2270%100%
19Coeburn, VA2,1390%100%
20Saltville, VA2,0770%100%
21Castlewood, VA2,0450%100%
22Gate City, VA2,0340%100%
23Patrick Springs, VA1,8450%100%
24Chilhowie, VA1,7810%100%
25Pennington Gap, VA1,7810%100%
26Claypool Hill, VA1,7760%100%
27Appalachia, VA1,7540%100%
28Chatmoss, VA1,6980%100%
29Adolf, VA1,5300%100%
30Rural Retreat, VA1,4830%100%
31Glade Spring, VA1,4560%100%
32Honaker, VA1,4490%100%
33Stanleytown, VA1,4220%100%
34Clintwood, VA1,4140%100%
35Stuart, VA1,4080%100%
36Springville, VA1,3710%100%
37Weber City, VA1,3270%100%
38Cana, VA1,2540%100%
39Emory, VA1,2510%100%
40Dryden, VA1,2080%100%
41Atkins, VA1,1430%100%
42Cedar Bluff, VA1,1370%100%
43Bassett, VA1,1000%100%
44Pound, VA1,0370%100%
45Jonesville, VA1,0340%100%
46Grundy, VA1,0210%100%
47St. Paul, VA9700%100%
48Meadow View, VA9670%100%
49Independence, VA9470%100%
50Fort Chiswell, VA9390%100%

Most famous prefixes in 276:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some questions related to the 276 area code, which are as follows:

1- What is the best way to get a 276 area code number?

Ans- Global Call Forwarding may assist you in obtaining a 276 area code. Look through our collection to locate the number you are looking for.

2- What is the importance of the 276 area code for doing business in Southwestern Virginia?

Ans- If you want to expand your customer base in southwestern Virginia? But you are unsure if you can because you don’t run a local business? On the other side, virtual phone numbers allow companies to obtain local phone numbers in a variety of locales. 

So, they can also be configured with any area code, including 276. Virtual phone numbers are available for every local area code at Global Call Forwarding. Contact them today to receive your virtual phone number and start calling folks in southwestern Virginia.

3- Is it true that calls from 276 numbers are toll-free?

Ans- Calls made from the 276 area code are not toll-free. The charge may differ depending on the receiver’s location and long-distance charges apply if the call recipient is outside the same code coverage area. The fee could be charged per minute or as part of a yearly premium subscription.

4- Is it possible that calls from the 276 area code are scams?

Ans- Telephone numbers with the central office code 988 have been assigned to area 276. Scammers may be using the 276 numbers since they are used by many individuals, including companies and other enterprises. They take advantage of this opportunity to claim to be calling from a company customer service department to acquire your trust.

 Seven calls charge you a fee simply for connecting with the caller or contacting them back after that has left a missed call on your mobile phone. The one-ring scam is the name of this ruse. 

It’s suggested not to answer and block the number if you get a call like this. You can also seek up the numbers registration information on the internet. 


276 area code is telephone number region code in North American Numbering Plan and donates service to the United States of Virginia. This area code was assigned on March 7, 2001, and on September 1, 2001, it went into service. 276 is a general-purpose code. The calling pattern for local calls within the same NPA is 7D.

Cities which include Virginia, Martinsville, Bristol, Abingdon, Marion, Wytheville, Norton, Wise, Gate City, Bluefield, Richlands, Collinsville, Castlewood, Horse Pasture, Big Stone Gap, Lebanon, Tazewell, Adwolf, Appalachia, Patrick Springs, Chatmoss, Pennington, Claypool Hill, Raven, and more.