What is the 423 area code? (Location, Time zone) Read All Details Here!

423 area code served the state of Tennessee. On November 22, 1994, this area code was assigned. It went into service on September 11, 1995. 423 is a Code of Federal Regulations. For regional calls within the matching NPA (area code), the telephone pattern is 7D.


The 423 area code was first deployed on September 11, 1995. The 615 region code was used to create it. When area code 423 was divided in 1999, specific phone numbers had to be updated to area code 865.


The area code of Central Tennessee, South and North Knoxville, is 423. Johnson City, Chattanooga, and Kingsport are all part of it. The region code is the only one that serves the area.

Time zone:

The time zone for the 423 region code is central and eastern. New York and America is another name for the Eastern time zone. Chicago and America is another name for the central time zone. 

Top cities in 423 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 423% of City
1Chattanooga, TN167,6741%100%
2Johnson City, TN63,1520%100%
3Kingsport, TN48,2051%100%
4Cleveland, TN41,2850%100%
5Morristown, TN29,1370%99%
6Bristol, TN26,7020%100%
7East Ridge, TN20,9790%100%
8Greeneville, TN15,0620%100%
9Elizabethton, TN14,1760%100%
10Athens, TN13,4580%100%
11Soddy-Daisy, TN12,7140%100%
12Middle Valley, TN12,6840%100%
13Red Bank, TN11,6510%100%
14Bloomingdale, TN9,8880%100%
15Collegedale, TN8,2820%100%
16Harrison, TN7,7690%100%
17Signal Mountain, TN7,5540%100%
18La Follette, TN7,4560%100%
19Dayton, TN7,1910%100%
20Newport, TN6,9450%100%
21Colonial Heights, TN6,9340%100%
22South Cleveland, TN6,9120%100%
23Church Hill, TN6,7370%100%
24Erwin, TN6,0970%100%
25Sweetwater, TN5,7640%100%

Top cities in 423 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 423% of City
26Mount Carmel, TN5,4290%100%
27Jonesborough, TN5,0510%100%
28Dunlap, TN4,8150%100%
29Madisonville, TN4,5770%100%
30Oak Grove, TN4,4250%100%
31Rogersville, TN4,4200%100%
32Harrogate, TN4,3890%100%
33Spurgeon, TN3,9570%100%
34Oneida, TN3,7520%100%
35Unicoi, TN3,6320%100%
36Etowah, TN3,4900%100%
37Jasper, TN3,2790%100%
38Wildwood Lake, TN3,1240%100%
39Blountville, TN3,0740%100%
40New Tazewell, TN3,0370%100%
41South Pittsburg, TN2,9920%100%
42Sale Creek, TN2,8450%100%
43Fairmount, TN2,8250%100%
44Tusculum, TN2,6630%100%
45Mountain City, TN2,5310%100%
46Apison, TN2,4690%100%
47Walnut Hill, TN2,3940%100%
48Pine Crest, TN2,3880%100%
49Mosheim, TN2,3620%100%
50Jellico, TN2,3550%100%

Top counties in 423 area code:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 423% of County
1Hamilton, TN336,4636%100%
2Sullivan, TN156,8235%100%
3Washington, TN122,9793%100%
4Bradley, TN98,9633%100%
5Greene, TN68,8317%100%
6Hamblen, TN62,5442%99%
7Carter, TN57,4244%100%
8Hawkins, TN56,8335%100%
9McMinn, TN52,2664%100%
10Monroe, TN44,5197%99%
11Campbell, TN40,7165%97%
12Cocke, TN35,6625%100%
13Claiborne, TN32,2135%100%
14Rhea, TN31,8094%100%
15Marion, TN28,2374%82%
16Scott, TN22,2286%100%
17Morgan, TN21,9875%89%
18Unicoi, TN18,3132%100%
19Johnson, TN18,2443%100%
20Polk, TN16,8255%100%
21Sequatchie, TN14,1123%100%
22Anderson, TN75,1291%18%
23Meigs, TN11,7532%100%
24Bledsoe, TN12,8763%78%
25Hancock, TN6,8192%79%
26Van Buren, TN5,5480%13%

Most popular prefixes in 423:


More area codes in Tennessee:


Nearby area code:

256,938 (Huntsville, AL)423 (Chattanooga, TN)

706,762 (Augusta, GA)

865 (Knoxville, TN)

270,364 (Bowling Green, KY)

606 (Ashland, KY)

803 (Columbia, SC)931 (Clarksville, TN)
276 (Bristol, VA)

615,629 (Nashville, TN)828 (Asheville, NC) 
336,743 (Greensboro, NC)704,980 (Charlotte, NC)864 (Greenville, SC) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some questions related to the 423 area code, which are as follow:

1: In Tennessee, what is the 423 area code?

Ans: The area code for central Tennessee, north, and south of Knoxville, is 423. Chattanooga, Johnson City, and Kingsport are all part of it.

2: How do I acquire my own 423 business phone number?

Ans: Although area code 423 is not toll-free, acquiring your business phone number is still a viable option because it allows you to communicate with your customers from nearly anywhere in the world, just as they can contact you from wherever they are.

3: Is the 423 area code a toll-free number?

Ans: Numerous toll-free area code numbers are available, including 800, 833, 844, 855, 877, and 888. These numbers are typically linked with customer service lines for various companies.

However, other parties can use them, and they are governed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Unfortunately, area code 423 does not appear to be part of Tennessee’s toll-free area code numbers.

4: Is the number 423 a ruse?

Ans: One cannot count out the risk of getting scammed in this era of increased telecommunication operations, necessitating remaining on high alert. There is a safety precaution in place for area code 423. If you suspect a scam phone call or a bothersome text message from area code 423, do a keep phone lookup on any phone number that begins with 423 to see what additional users have spoken about it. It is thanks to CallerSmart users.


Since 1995, this has been the area code for Tennessee in the United States of America. The number 901 was first assigned in 1947 by the North American Numbering Plan.

This area code was lowered to include West Tennessee in 1954, while Eastern Tennessee, which contains Chattanooga, the Tri-Cities, and Knoxville, was given area code 615, which later broke off as area code 423. The Tennessee Regulatory Authority predicts that area code 423 will remain atypical and non-contiguous until 2027.