What is the 434 area code? (Location, Time zone) Read All Details Here!

434 area code serves the Commonwealth of Virginia south-central region. The most famous city in the region code is Lynchburg.


The Virginia state corporation commission declared in December 2000 that the 804 area code would be separated because, by April 2002, phone numbers have expected to run out. Therefore, long-distance phone dialings should be created either 804 or 434 area code as of June 1, 2001, when region code 434 comes to operational. So, starting January 15, 2002, calls within the area required the 434 area code.


Virginia is home to area code 434, which encompasses 9234.33 square miles. There are 165 non-unique postal area zip codes in area code 434.

Time zone:

In the Eastern time zone, the 434 area code has situated. However, the eastern time zone is well known as New York and America.

Nearby area codes:

1240/301Germantown, MD
2252Greenville, NC
3276Bristol, VA
4304/681West Virginia
5336/743Greensboro, NC
6410/443/667Baltimore, MD
7434Lynchburg, VA
8540Roanoke, VA
9571/703Arlington, VA
10757Virginia Beach, VA
11804Richmond, VA
12919/984Raleigh, NC

So, Here is the top cities in 434 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 434% of City
1Lynchburg, VA75,5681%100%
2Charlottesville, VA43,4750%100%
3Danville, VA43,0550%100%
4Timberlake, VA12,1830%100%
5Madison Heights, VA11,2850%100%
6Lake Monticello, VA9,9200%100%
7Forest, VA9,1060%100%
8Farmville, VA8,2160%100%
9South Boston, VA8,1420%100%
10University of Virginia, VA7,7040%100%
11Hollymead, VA7,6900%100%
12Emporia, VA5,9270%100%
13Crozet, VA5,5650%100%
14South Hill, VA4,6500%100%
15Mount Hermon, VA3,9660%100%
16Blackstone, VA3,6210%100%
17Altavista, VA3,4500%100%
18Pantops, VA3,0270%100%
19Chase City, VA2,3510%100%
20Crewe, VA2,3260%100%
21Amherst, VA2,2310%100%
22Rivanna, VA1,8600%100%
23Appomattox, VA1,7330%100%
24Victoria, VA1,7250%100%
25Twin Lakes, VA1,6470%100%

However, there is another list of top cities in 434 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 434% of City
1Bracey, VA1,5540%100%
2Concord, VA1,4580%100%
3Hampden-Sydney, VA1,4500%100%
4Lawrenceville, VA1,4380%100%
5Rustburg, VA1,4310%100%
6Halifax, VA1,3090%100%
7Hurt, VA1,3040%100%
8Chatham, VA1,2690%100%
9Gretna, VA1,2670%100%
10Kenbridge, VA1,2570%100%
11Ruckersville, VA1,1410%100%
12Clarksville, VA1,1390%100%
13Piney Mountain, VA1,1300%100%
14Brookneal, VA1,1120%100%
15Mountain Road, VA1,1000%100%
16Nellysford, VA1,0760%100%
17Motley, VA1,0150%100%
18Riverdale, VA9560%100%
19Blairs, VA9160%100%
20Ivy, VA9050%100%
21Keysville, VA8320%100%
22Cluster Springs, VA8110%100%
23Arrington, VA7080%100%
24Jarratt, VA6380%100%
25La Crosse, VA6040%100%

Top counties in 434 area code:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 434% of County
1Albemarle, VA98,9708%93%
2Lynchburg, VA75,5681%100%
3Pittsylvania, VA63,50611%100%
4Campbell, VA54,8426%100%
5Charlottesville, VA43,4750%100%
6Danville, VA43,0550%100%
7Halifax, VA36,2419%100%
8Mecklenburg, VA32,7277%100%
9Amherst, VA32,3535%100%
10Fluvanna, VA25,6913%92%
11Prince Edward, VA23,3684%100%
12Greene, VA18,4032%100%
13Brunswick, VA17,4346%100%
14Nottoway, VA15,8533%100%
15Appomattox, VA14,9734%100%
16Nelson, VA15,0205%91%
17Lunenburg, VA12,9145%100%
18Buckingham, VA17,1465%75%
19Charlotte, VA12,5865%100%
20Greensville, VA12,2433%100%
21Bedford, VA68,6762%18%
22Sussex, VA12,0873%58%
23Emporia, VA5,9270%100%
24Southampton, VA18,5702%29%
25Cumberland, VA10,0521%26%
26Louisa, VA33,1530%7%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

However, there are some essential questions related to the 434 area code, which are as follow:

1: Is the 434 area code a scam?

Ans: As the use of cell phones has grown in recent years, so has the number of call fraudsters. That’s why scammers pose as someone from a financial institution, a bank, or a firm you trust.

Therefore, these employees will eventually ask for your data as part of the process. So, do not be fooled by these ruses. However, if you provide them with your data recklessly, they may charge you a considerable fee.

2: Is the 434 area code a toll-free number?

Ans: So, the answer is “NO”  because area code 434 is not one of the toll-free call numbers. This area code imposes an acceptable price on your phone bill for international and local calls, and international calls are frequently more expensive than local and domestic calls. So, the company charged by the minute or by the month. 

3: What is the easiest method to block unwanted 434 calls?

Ans: When the phone you get new is related to scammers, then definitely block the number immediately, and make them unable to reach you personally any time. However, there is a procedure to block scammers in both iPhone and android:

 For iPhone users:

1- Start your new phone logs and click the “I” Scroll downwards till you notice the “Block this Caller” and click it.

For Andriod users:

1- Open your cell new phones logs, press the “Details,” and click on “Block Number.”

So, we observe that the method is the same for both mobiles.


However, after a split of area code 804 in 1997 and 2001, 434 area codes were established. The 434 area code serves the Soth central region of the Commonwealth of Virginia. So, the region code is the only one that fits the area. The eastern time zone, popularly well known as new york and America, is where area code 434 is located.

So, cities included in the 434 area code are Lynchburg, South Boston, Charlottesville, Danville, Emporia, and many more.