What is the 564 area code? (Location, Time zone) Read All Details Here!

The North American Numbering Plan assigns area code 564 to Western Washington state, which includes the city of Seattle. The overlay complex for a region that consists of the numbering plan areas 253, 206, 425, and 360 is served by the area code.

Except for Tacoma and Seattle, Western Washington is served by area code 564. Bellingham, Olympia, and Vancouver are all part of it. It serves the same area as the 360 area code and is an overlay for it.


In 2000 the proposal for area code 564 was authorized; however, it was not implemented until July 29, 2017. It was first used as a concentrated overly for the 360 area, which included western Washington outside the Tacoma Mertroplition/Seattle area. While it will be expanded to cover other area codes in the region when they become available, it has made ten-numeral number dialing necessary throughout western Washington. 

Area code 564 was suggested as a 360 overlay in 1999. This was supposed to go into effect on July 29, 2000. The Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission later found that that actual rise in demand for new numbers in 360 fell short of predictions, therefore the overly was postponed until at least February 2001.


Olympia, Marysville, and other cities are covered by the 564 area code, located in Washington. 

Time zone:

The 564 area code represents the Pacific time zone. Los Angeles/America is another name for the Pacific time zone. 

Nearby Area Codes:

1206Seattle, WA
2236/778Vancouver, BC
3250Kelowna, BC
4253Tacoma, WA
5360/564Vancouver, WA
6425Bellevue, WA
7458/541Eugene, OR
8503/971Portland, OR
9509Spokane, WA
10604Vancouver, BC

Top Counties in area code 564:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 564% of County
1King, WA1,931,2494%40%
2Snohomish, WA713,3358%89%
3Pierce, WA795,2254%60%
4Clark, WA425,3632%100%
5Thurston, WA252,2643%100%
6Kitsap, WA251,1332%85%
7Whatcom, WA201,1409%  90%
8Skagit, WA116,9017%100%
9Cowlitz, WA102,4104%100%
10Island, WA78,5062%100%
11Lewis, WA75,4559%100%
12Grays Harbor, WA72,7978%100%
13Clallam, WA71,40410%100%
14Mason, WA60,6994%100%
15Jefferson, WA29,8728%100%
16Pacific, WA20,9205%100%
17San Juan, WA15,7692%100%
18Skamania, WA11,0665%86%
19Chelan, WA72,4531%10%
20Wahkiakum, WA3,9781%100%

Top cities in area code 564:

NoCityTotal Population% of 564% of City
1Vancouver, WA161,7910%100%
2Bellingham, WA80,8850%100%
3Marysville, WA60,0200%89%
4Olympia, WA46,4780%100%
5Lacey, WA42,3930%100%
6Bremerton, WA37,7290%100%
7Longview, WA36,6480%100%
8Mount Vernon, WA31,7430%100%
9Oak Harbor, WA22,0750%100%
10Salmon Creek, WA19,6860%100%
11Orchards, WA19,5560%100%
12Hazel Dell, WA19,4350%100%
13Camas, WA19,3550%100%
14Silverdale, WA19,2040%100%
15Port Angeles, WA19,0380%100%
16Five Corners, WA18,1590%100%
17Arlington, WA17,9260%100%
18Battle Ground, WA17,5710%100%
19Tumwater, WA17,3710%100%
20Monroe, WA17,3040%100%
21Aberdeen, WA16,8960%100%
22Centralia, WA16,3360%100%
23Anacortes, WA15,7780%100%
24Washougal, WA14,0950%100%
25Lynden, WA11,9510%100%
26Kelso, WA11,9250%100%
27Everett, WA103,0190%11%
28Ferndale, WA11,4150%100%
29Port Orchard, WA11,1440%100%
30Enumclaw, WA10,6690%100%
31Sedro-Woolley, WA10,5400%100%
32Shelton, WA9,8340%100%
33Walnut Grove, WA9,7900%100%
34Minnehaha, WA9,7710%100%
35Poulsbo, WA9,2000%100%
36Port Townsend, WA9,1130%100%
37Graham, WA23,4910%37%
38Snohomish, WA9,0980%96%
39Hoquiam, WA8,7260%100%
40Birch Bay, WA8,4130%100%
41Burlington, WA8,3880%100%
42Mount Vista, WA7,8500%100%
43Felida, WA7,3850%100%
44Chehalis, WA7,2590%100%
45Parkwood, WA7,1260%100%
46Yelm, WA6,8480%100%
47Orting, WA6,7460%98%
48Sequim, WA6,6060%100%
49Lake Shore, WA6,5710%100%
50Sudden Valley, WA6,4410%100%

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some relevant questions related to the 564 region code, which are as follows:

1- What is the basic information about the 564 area code?

For the time being, area code 564 is widely Western Washington NPA 360 and will most likely encompass the entire western section of the state when other area codes such as 425 or 206 reach their capacity.

2- Is it possible that calls from area code 564 are a scam?

Due to the vast number of people that use the 564 number, there is a chance that a fraudster will also use this number. You may believe the call is coming from a customer care department or a corporation.

Look up the firm name listed on the internet to verify that the phone number is legitimate. If you can’t find the number on their official website, hang up and block the number right away because it could be a spam call.

3- Are calls from the 564 region key is not toll-free?

The number 564 is not a toll-free number. The demand for new numbers and area codes has been derived from the obligatory local and wireless number portability. There may be fees associated with using 564 numbers, depending on the telecommunication carrier.


The state of Washington is served by area code 564. On September 20, 1999, this area code was assigned. It entered into operation on August 28, 2017. A general-purpose code is 564. There is some overlap between the 360 and 564 service areas. For local calls within the same area code, the dialing pattern is 10D.