What is the 605 area code? (Location, Time zone) Read All Details Here!

The North American Area Code 605 is a telephone area code that serves the entire state of South Dakota and is established in 1947. It’s also one of the dwindling numbers of single-state single-LATA, single-area-code zone.


Before October 20, 2021, telephone numbers with central office code, 988 were assigned to area 605. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline authorized 988 as a calling code nationwide in 2020, causing conflict for exchanges that allow seven-digit dialing.  As a result,  on  October 24, 2021, this area code will be converted to ten-digit dialing.


The state of South Dakota is covered by region code 605. The area code is the only one that serves the area.

Time zone:

The time zone for the 605 area code is mountain and central. Chicago and America is another name for the central time zone. Denver/America is another for the mountain time zone.

Top Cities in 605 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 605% of City
1Sioux Falls, SD153,8880%100%
2Rapid City, SD67,9560%100%
3Aberdeen, SD26,0910%100%
4Brookings, SD22,0560%100%
5Watertown, SD21,4820%100%
6Mitchell, SD15,2540%100%
7Yankton, SD14,4540%100%
8Pierre, SD13,6460%100%
9Huron, SD12,5920%100%
10Vermillion, SD10,5710%100%
11Spearfish, SD10,4940%100%
12Brandon, SD8,7850%100%
13Rapid Valley, SD8,2600%100%
14Box Elder, SD7,8000%100%
15Sturgis, SD6,6270%100%
16Madison, SD6,4740%100%
17Belle Fourche, SD5,5940%100%
18Harrisburg, SD4,0890%100%
19Tea, SD3,8060%100%
20Hot Springs, SD3,7110%100%
21Dell Rapids, SD3,6330%100%
22Mobridge, SD3,4650%100%
23Milbank, SD3,3530%100%
24Pine Ridge, SD3,3080%100%
25Lead, SD3,1240%100%

Top Cities in 605 area code:

NoCityTotal Population% of 605% of City
26Canton, SD3,0570%99%
27Winner, SD2,8970%100%
28Blackhawk, SD2,8920%100%
29Dakota Dunes, SD2,5400%100%
30Hartford, SD2,5340%100%
31North Sioux City, SD2,5300%100%
32Colonial Pine Hills, SD2,4930%100%
33Sisseton, SD2,4700%100%
34Chamberlain, SD2,3870%100%
35Flandreau, SD2,3410%100%
36Redfield, SD2,3330%100%
37North Spearfish, SD2,2210%100%
38Lennox, SD2,1110%100%
39Fort Pierre, SD2,0780%100%
40Custer, SD2,0670%100%
41Beresford, SD2,0050%100%
42Springfield, SD1,9890%100%
43Elk Point, SD1,9630%100%
44North Eagle Butte, SD1,9540%100%
45Webster, SD1,8860%100%
46Summerset, SD1,8140%100%
47Volga, SD1,7680%100%
48Rosebud, SD1,5870%100%
49Wagner, SD1,5660%100%
50Parkston, SD1,5080%100%

Top Counties in 605 area code:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 605% of County
1Minnehaha, SD169,4681%100%
2Pennington, SD100,9484%100%
3Lincoln, SD44,8281%100%
4Brown, SD36,5312%100%
5Brookings, SD31,9651%100%
6Codington, SD27,2271%100%
7Meade, SD25,4345%100%
8Lawrence, SD24,0971%100%
9Yankton, SD22,4381%100%
10Davison, SD19,5041%100%
11Beadle, SD17,3982%100%
12Hughes, SD17,0221%100%
13Union, SD14,3991%100%
14Clay, SD13,8641%100%
15Shannon, SD13,5863%100%
16Lake, SD11,2001%100%
17Roberts, SD10,1492%100%
18Butte, SD10,1103%100%
19Todd, SD9,6122%100%
20Charles Mix, SD9,1291%100%
21Turner, SD8,3471%100%
22Custer, SD8,2162%100%
23Grant, SD7,3561%100%
24Hutchinson, SD7,3431%100%
25Fall River, SD7,0942%100%

Top Counties in 605 area code:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 605% of County
26Bon Homme, SD7,0701%100%
27Moody, SD6,4861%100%
28Spink, SD6,4152%100%
29Hamlin, SD5,9031%100%
30Day, SD5,7101%100%
31Tripp, SD5,6442%100%
32McCook, SD5,6181%100%
33Walworth, SD5,4381%100%
34Dewey, SD5,3013%100%
35Brule, SD5,2551%100%
36Kingsbury, SD5,1481%100%
37Marshall, SD4,6561%100%
38Deuel, SD4,3641%100%
39Gregory, SD4,2711%100%
40Edmunds, SD4,0712%100%
41Corson, SD4,0503%100%
42Lyman, SD3,7552%100%
43Clark, SD3,6911%100%
44Hand, SD3,4312%100%
45Bennett, SD3,4312%100%
46Hanson, SD3,3311%100%
47Jackson, SD3,0312%100%
48Douglas, SD3,0021%100%
49Perkins, SD2,9824%100%
50Stanley, SD2,9662%100%

Nearby area codes:

218 (Duluth, MN)308 (Grand Island, NE)402/531 (Omaha, NE)507 (Rochester, MN)701 (North Dakota)
307 (Wyoming)320 (St. Cloud, MN)

406 (Montana)605 (South Dakota)712 (Sioux City, IA)

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

There are some questions related to the 605 area code, which are as follow:

1: Is the 605 region code a long-distance phone number?

Ans: Area code 605 serves the entire state of South Dakota, which has a population of over 800,000 people and spans 77,000 square miles. When someone makes a log-distance call, the long-distance service provider must first purchase access to the local phone exchanges.

2: Is the 605 area code spam?

Ans: Area code 605 has become associated with scammers as the population and use of mobile phones has grown. Someone might act as if they were from a firm or a bank. We can’t control inbound calls, therefore, be alert and mindful. You may be one of the casualties. If the caller seems suspicious, do a fast internet search and ban the caller right away if the company doesn’t have any information.

3:Is the 605 area code a toll-free number?

Ans: Unlike the toll-free region codes (800), (833), (844), (855), (866), (877), and (888), area code 605 is not a toll-free number. Your phone bill will indicate a charge for calls made in area code 605. Costs may vary depending on the length of the ring and whether it is a local or international call.

4: How can I prevent calls from the 605 area code?

Ans: The sort of phone you use will determine how you block numbers on your phone.

For Android users:

For Android users, the procedure is similar:

go to your recent calls, click “details,” then “block number.”

For iPhone users:

Go to your new calls and tap the I with a circle around it to get more details. Click “block this caller” at the bottom of the page.


605 is the single area code that serves the whole state of South Dakota in the United States. It is one of the initial 86 area codes established in 1947. The Central timezone, sometimes known as America/Chicago, is where Area Code 605 is located.

 Aberdeen, Brookings, Huron, Mitchell, Pierre, Sioux Falls, Vermillion, Watertown, and Yankton are all. The Mountain timezone, often known as America/Denver, is where Rapid City, Rapid Valley, and Spearfish are currently located.

Sioux Falls, Brookings, Yankton, Spearfish, Mitchell, Rapid City, Aberdeen,  Watertown, Pierre, Huron, Spearfish, and other more prominent communities and smaller areas throughout South Dakota are covered by area code 605.