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Area Code 844

Are you worried about the calls coming from 844? What is 844 area code? Where is it located? Is it safe to receive call from 844 area code? Is it scam? What do you know about it? Does it really exist? How do we use it for betterment? To get answered we have conducted research on 844 area code. Here you find all about this 844 Area code.

What is an Area Code?

For success of every business, proper communication among employees, company and the customers required. In a small business communication is easy to manage even with a single phone number but when business expands and more people and companies involves with a single business, it covers wider area and it needs more authentic and reliable connections to communicate and grow their businesses. Therefore, a telecommunication administration has divided the country into territories and then into different geographical areas.
AT & T has divided the United States and Canada into numbering plan areas (NPAs), and has given a unique three-digit prefix assigned to each NPA, which later on known as area code. The area code is the part of every phone number and prefixed to each telephone number issued in its service area.

What is the time zone and location of 844 Area Code?

If you receive a call from number 844 as an area code, you are not sure about the exact location of the caller because it is not area specific code. It operates in North America. Caller may be from any region of North America where 844 works.

844 is a toll-free number and is not assigned to any geographical area so we do not fond its particular time zone.

Does it Really exist?

The 844 is a toll- free number and it consists of three digits prefixed with the 7-numbered phone number established in 2013, till now it is being operated in North American region and helping society in different ways:

  • Toll- free numbers are free and charge nothing to its caller. All the calls from 844 are toll-free in US.
  • Helps making long distance calls for establishment of business. Area code is good for both business and customer.
  • It helps in expanding business in new location by using local phone number.
  • This helps in marketing and advertisement.
  • It helps to grow and flourish the individual’s marketing skills.
  • Being a toll-free, covers a larger geographic region, saves your expenses.
  • Calls can made anywhere and anytime in the world.
  • 844 toll-free numbers used by different companies to identify the caller ID for security purpose. They capture the caller’s area code and phone number even if the caller has blocked his/her ID.
  • Credit card companies, banks, and other financial companies use the captured area code and phone number to help verify the identification of the caller.

Is 844 Area Code Scam?

844 is not a real area code. This is not assigned to any specific area. It operates in all North America including few other countries lies under NAPAs. Hackers/ scammers are increasing day by day, as there are many 844 numbers used by customer service teams. Scammers also use these 844 toll-free numbers. People trust on customer service team, so they are easily cheated by scammers.

Commonly scammers use this 844 Area code for stealing your account information especially about your credit card details by entering your account. Scammers use this area code just because of the reason 844 numbers are toll free numbers. Because of toll-free numbers, they will not charged but the receiver will have to pay the amount.

Be Aware of Scammers

If you are getting calls from 844 toll-free number but you do not want to receive, then follow these instructions.

  • Google the number, if it is valid number, you will get the results.
  • Simply go to your phone settings and block the number by pressing the add-block button.
  • Do not attend the call coming from unknown area code.
  • Always attend the call until you are sure about the right area code.
  • You should report to FCC against these scams for long term solution.
  • Beware of the scams and keep your credit card information confidential.

Wrap Up

844 Area code, as a toll-free number beneficial for both callers and customers in every business. It lies in North America with some other countries, not specified for an area or city of particular time zone. The caller saves money because he pays nothing for this call on toll-free number, but receiver pay the charges of that call for long distant calls. It consists of three digits such as 800, 888, 899, 866, 855, 844 and 833.

You can also use these toll- free numbers for betterment such as enhancement of your business and for marketing of your business. Be aware of the scammers during your struggle.


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