855 Area Code – (Benefits, Drawbacks) Read All Details Here!

Sometimes you receive a call from 10- digit number that looks like this 855-000-0000 on your phone screen. Do not be un-comfortable with that, here we will discuss about 855 Area code, What is it and how can be used for betterment of community and what to do with this code to keep yourself safe from hackers.

Table of contents
  1. What Is An Area Code?
  2. What is 855 Area Code?
  3. What benefits do you get from 855 Area code?
  4. Drawback of 855 Area Code
  5. How to Avoid Unwanted calls by scammers from 855 Area code?
  6. How do we use 855 Area Code as toll-free number?
  7. Wrap Up

Area Code?

Telephone is very common tool of communication among people for different initiatives. In a limited area/ small area communication is easy to manage even with a single number but for large areas /country where area of communication is extended, a strong communication network is required. Therefore, a telecommunication administration divides the country into territories and then into different geographical areas for better independent management.

Therefore, the United States and Canada were divided into numbering plan areas (NPAs) by AT & T, and a unique three-digit prefix ( the numbering plan area code) was assigned to each NPA, which later on known as area code. The area code is the part of every phone number and prefixed to each telephone number issued in its service area.

Area Code 855?

855 area code is not assigned to any geographical area. It is a toll-free number by the Federal Communications Commission or FCC that are used within the United States and Canada as per the rules of North America Numbering Plan or NANP. It is used for calling when we need a call free of cost. Other existing toll-free numbers are 800, 833, 844, 866, 877 and 888. The calls are free on these toll-free numbers and the customer have the option to restrict the call to a toll-free number.

If you are interested in making toll-free call to a toll-free number you will charge nothing, but the recipient or company will pay the charges. The numbers other than these toll-free number might be fake so avoid them.

Benefits do you get from 855 Area code?

The 855 Area code was established on the 29th of July 2000. It helps society in different ways:

  • The call at these toll- free number is free of cost. The caller can utilize this in a positive way as all the bill is paid by the owner or company owned this number.
  • Helps making long distance calls for establishment of business. It is good for both business and customer.
  • Helps to grow and flourish the individual’s marketing skills.
  • Helps to communicate different areas in a better way.
  • Being a toll-free, covers a larger geographic region as these codes assigned to the different districts, cities or towns within the country.
  • Can make calls anywhere and anytime in the world.
  • Helps to identify a specific area.

Drawback of 855 Area Code

  • It is not a real area code.
  • It is a code for Cambodia country so one can mis-understand if receive a call from these 855 toll-free numbers.
  • Hackers/ scammers are increasing day by day. Losing the customer’s trust by making fake calls from this toll-free number.

How to Avoid Unwanted calls by scammers from 855 Area code?

  • If you are getting calls from 855 toll-free number but you do not want to receive, then simply go to your phone settings, and press the add-block button. This is not the final solution because if the caller is not the real owner, he might change his number and continue to spam you. You will not receive the scam calls again.
  • Do not attend the call coming from dan unknown area code. Always attend the call until you are sure about the right area code.
  • You should report to FCC against these scams for long term solution.
  • Beware of the scams and keep your credit card information confidential. Scammers use this 855 Area code for stealing your personal information especially about your credit card details by entering your account. Scammers use this area code just because of the reason 855 numbers are toll free numbers, so they will not be charged by their telecom company for call these toll- free numbers.
  • Another way to be secure and safe, simply go to the website donotcall.gov and enter the number either landline or cellphone you want on the block list.

How do we use 855 Area Code as toll-free number?

Toll-free numbers are very important for growth of small businesses. As business expand requirements of doing and receiving calls also increased. Toll free numbers help a lot both owners and customers. Businesses develop their own toll- free numbers for the facilitation of their customers. They provide customer service to their customers with toll free numbers and to order products. Customers like to talk about their issues regarding business if the call is free.

As time passes rapidly and everyone is planning their business with long distance plans, the need for toll free numbers. For continuous growth in plans, customers are more likely to contact a company through toll free numbers.

Along with marketing, different companies / businesses use these 855 toll-free numbers to identify the caller ID for security. Businesses can capture the caller’s area code and phone number even if the caller has blocked his/her ID. Credit card companies, banks, and other financial companies use the captured area code and phone number to help verify the identification of the caller.

Wrap Up

855 Area code lies in United states and Canada, not specified for an area or city, is a toll-free number. The caller pays nothing for this call on toll-free number, but receiver pay the charges of that call for long distant calls. It consists of three digits such as 800, 888, 899, 866, 855, 849 and 833.

You can use these toll- free numbers for betterment such as enhancement of your business and for marketing of your business. Be aware of the scammers during your struggle.


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