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Area Code 870

Area code 870 is a telephone area code that serves for southern, eastern, and most of northern Arkansas. It was officially assigned on April 14, 1997, as a result of split from area code 501.

Location of 870 Area Code

It serves the most parts of Arkansas including main cities such as Arkadelphia, Blytheville, Batesville, Camden, Crossett, Forrest City, Harrison, El Dorado, Helena, Hope, Jonesboro, Magnolia, Marion, Mountain Home, Newport, Osceola, Paragould, Pine Bluff, Pocahontas, Stuttgart, Texarkana, Warren, West Memphis and Wynne.

Time zone

The 870 area code is in the Central time zone. 


It was intthe area code was being introduced and assigned officially in State of Arkansas. It came into service on 14th of April 1997. This Area code created after a split of area code 501, one of the original area codes in NANP

In 2009, Public Service Commission of Arkansas predicted that the telephone numbers in this Area code would exhaust in 2013 and new area code would require. So, a plan of introducing 327 new area code as an overlay of 870 and proposed by Arkansas Public Service Commission in 2009.
The decision was to implement 870/327 over lay area code on 18 May 2013. But later, this decision was being delayed on 22 June 2012. A new implementation date will establish in the future.

What is an Overlay Area Code?

In telecommunications, an overlay plan implemented to prevent exhaustion of telephone numbers and central office codes in growth areas. An area code overlay is implementation of new area code to the same geographic region. So, multiple area codes can co-exist within the same geographic region.

The telephone numbers and codes in exhausted areas will remain same and will used by same people. But Individuals in new area may given telephone numbers with the new overlaid area code.

How to make a call in Overlay Area Codes areas?

If an area code overlay implemented, then individuals will be able to use their current telephone number and area code but dialing procedure may change from 7D to 10D. It will need to dial 1+ the area code and the telephone number for all calls.

10D or Ten-digit Dialing

It is a telephone dialing procedure to make local calls from one area code to another. In ten-digit dialing, callers dial the three digits central office code and the four-digit station number of the telephone subscriber along with area code.

After implementation of 870/327 an overlay area code, Ten-digit dialing (area code + seven-digit number) will be necessary in the 870/327 overlay because two different homes in the same geographic area can have the same seven- digit phone number but each would have a different area code.

Is 870 area code business-friendly?

Yes. It is good to start a new business in this Area code region. It would be possible only by getting a virtual business phone number. No matter where you are in the country, you can always get a virtual phone number.

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