Alien Tape Reviews – Is This Worth To Buy Or Scam?

Good products remain always in demand. Alien tape is of great need for home and office interior decoration. This is modern tape with new adhesive technology lacking before.

About Alien Tape

Do you need a tape that sticks instantly? Do you ever used a tape with no adhesive? You need a reusable tape?

You want to hang the frame along the wall by using a double-sided tape? If you want to escape using local traditional ways of sticking the objects to any surface for home or workplace decoration?

Are you finding new ways instead of using nails or screws for hanging? Here is the solution of your problem.

Alien tape is introduced by which is an online store dealing with the marketing of an amazing new product with new technology.

What is Alien Tape?

It is a revolutionary new reusable tape that sticks to any surface instantly and holds it tightly without any adhesives or glue. It is available in three different offers with different lengths and price.

  • Best deal- 63 ft long
  • Great deal- 42 ft long
  • Special TV offer- 21ft long

Limited offer is there on buying one special TV offer get two free.


  • Advanced Nano-Grip Technology sticks to any surface instantly and holds it tightly without any adhesives or glue.
  • Can be reused – just remove wash and use again.
  • It can hold up to 17.5 lbs.
  • Weatherproof
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Multiuse product
  • It helps in hanging pictures, decorating rooms, stopping furniture & carpet from sliding, securing phones while driving, attaching something on bricks and wood and many more.

How does it work?

It works on advanced nano-grip technology. When we apply it to anu surface, millions of microscopic suction cups lock on the surface and hold it tightly. When we pull it releases the suction and ready to use again.

Is Alien Tape Legit?

To examine the legitimacy of this site we have seen its presence on social media. Its product is being sold on E-Store and shipped worldwide. It is very effective modern tape with positive reviews on E-Store.

Its face book page is also created and very active, thousands of people viewed, liked and commented on their videos. We have noticed that many viewers find it well with some of them are complaining the product.

Have a look on such a positive feedback of this product on social media.

  • “A tape without adhesive? I was like no way this will work BUT it does! It does what it claims and is very strong. I love that it is reusable! So it is a great value. I expected it to ruin my walls or leave a residue but nope. We are very happy with this tape. My family has already found so many uses for it around the house and at work. So far, the Alien Tape grips to everything I tried! We have hung up items inside and out with success. Over the holidays we used it to decorate, and it made our lives so much easier. Yesterday I put in under a rug to stop the rug from sliding around. It is crazy how well this product works for it having no glue. Highly recommended and will be buying more.”

By reviewing the products reviews on social media, we would recommend you the Alien tape.

Pros Of Alien Tape

  • It works on advanced technology.
  • It can be reused.
  • Available in three different offers
  • Buy one get two free.
  • No nails and screws are required.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • It is being sold on E-Store.
  • Worldwide shipment.
  • Social media links are active.
  • Good reviews on internet
  • Environment friendly Product

Cons Of Alien Tape

  • Few complains on Facebook.

User’s Reviews

Reviews play an important role in checking out the legitimacy of any website or product. During our research on internet we encountered so many good reviews about this product.

Here you have some of the reviews on the basis of which you decided whether to buy this product or not.

  • Clyde Anderson found it useful once he got it from E-Stores.
  • “The tape is as advertised “Amazing”. Will stick to almost anything. We hung heavy picture frames with our tape and so far it’s holding up. I’m sure we will have other use for it.

You can reuse tape too. Simply apply water and the adhesive strength is rejuvenated.

Glenn Patnaude reviewed in United States that it really works.
  • “I got this Alien Tape to try out in different projects I have going around my house. I like that the package contains 3 rolls of tape, plenty for my projects. On my first project I used the Alien Tape to hold painted canvas panels on straight to my kids’ bedroom wall. They were constantly bumping into them and making them crooked. The Alien Tape works great on them and now they don’t budge. I had previously used a different brand tape that did not hold very well. I am so pleased that Alien Tape holds so well. It’s about an inch wide and decently thick, but not too thick.”

Besides all above we came to know about some complains from users on social media. Some are listed here for your convenience.

  • “This product sucks! Couldn’t hold up a light weight white board. Fell in less then 10 mins.”
  • “I tried to hang a simple coat rack for a child on her closet door and it keep falling off after an hour. Your tape sucks and your videos lie. Under PERFECT conditions it DOES work …. but it doesn’t work on many surfaces … especially outdoor ones !!! The surface must be completely flat and the object also ,,,, so if there is anything at all “ even a staple “ preventing it from being totally flat, it won’t work !!!”
  • “It also doesn’t work in the bathroom very well any moisture it’s gonna be two of my completely flat pictures fell …Not near as like they advertise!! But I still like it for little kitchen gadgets etc “

Wrap up

At the end I observed that the product is modern, revolutionary having amazing features. It grips and hold tightly the surface soon after application. It has new technology that not only make it unique and multiuse items but also a reusable item.

We would like to suggest the product is trustworthy and money can be spent on it. This gives best results on tiles, marbles, glass and painted surfaces. This can be reused.

Thanks for reading.