Fatal to the Flesh – Know The Purpose And Credibility Inside Here!

Fatal to the Flesh is a single blank page website which was established by a Dutch Brazilian visual artist Rafaël Rozendaal in 2004. The developer is considered as one of pioneers in Internet Art. The author wanted to bring a real life simulation space and endorse the attorney of the internet.

Fatal to the Flesh is simulation based web page which provide some sort of visual activities to its user. People from all the over world especially developed countries like United States of America,United Kingdom and Australia etc. are looking for internet web pages which provide them a piece of satisfaction which can create real life situations or out puts.

The recent development has engaged a large sum of population on the internet and users are also wanting improved experience likewise metaverse. By considering this future trend the web developer Rafaël Rozendaal set up a web page named as Fatal to the Flesh.

How To Use Fatal to the Flesh

When a web user enter the keyword of Fatal to the Flesh it redirects user to a blank page. This blank page does not contain a single word. For the uplifting of mood user have to move the cursor on the screen with the help of mouse. By moving the mouse it will produce realistic blood cuts.The blood dripping will depend on how fast you can move your mouse on the white blank page.

Purpose Of Fatal to the Flesh

The modern world has many advantages as well as some severe consequences. One of its main problem is less time capacity available for ourself. People who follow a very busy routine and sticked to materialistic approach are seen very depressed. So in order to tackle this problem Fatal to the Flesh is considered as one of the best available solution.

Here are some proven points which show how this Fatal the Flesh uplift the mood of its user.

  • It helps a depress user to create similar cuts as one can do in real life to prevent damage
  • Fatal to the Flesh prevents its user to take any extreme action that may risk anyone’s life
  • The website produces ultimate realistic cut marks and blood dripping that reduces someone’s exhaustion.
  • The web page helps its visitors to feel comfortable who are boosted by any taruma or facing any real world problems.

Effects Of Fatal To The Flesh

Due to busy routines,people do not have enough time for themselves and for that reason people are facing lots of depression. According to one of UN’s report every 4th person from 10 people is facing depression. So to tackle it people need some entertainment ot metaverse like approaches to feel relaxed. Physiologists considered Fatal to the Flesh very meaningful as it helps to reduces someone’s exhaustion.


  • Trustpilot have not listed this website to its directory
  • Generally it is considered 67% positive because of feedback available randomly
  • The domain age is 18 years which is a very vulnerable factor
  • Any disclaimer or info regarding website is not available but assumed and implemented
  • The website has implemented HTTPS protocol which shows security to its users


Any user intended to use this website may visit the url https://www.fataltotheflesh.com for further exploration.


The inception of this website was 2004 and it is providing the ultimate relaxing experience to its users especially to those who are exhausted. So it covers the objective and its usefulness and for that reason it is recommended to use but in a limited way.

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