Reviews – Trustworthy Or Another Hoax Website?

We use many decorative items to beautify our home, garden and office for a healthy change. Everything is available online; need is to get the suitable one. As far as the decorative products are concerned is the store providing all types of decorative materials.


Do you like to transform your home lawn or garden? Do you make your garden more attractive and charming to the visitors?

Are you looking for an ornament statue for decorating your bookshelf, desk or room? Are you searching for a beautiful statue as a Mother’s Day gift? Do you looking for a site dealing with table ornaments and wooden handicrafts?

Do you want to improve the look of your home or office with the classic piece of handicraft art? Whatever you like, we have to share with you.

What is is an online store with collection of decoration necessities for home, garden, courtyard or your worksite. It provides the custom products for almost every profession all over the world. believes on best quality with great customer’s satisfaction.

It works directly with highly qualified suppliers and manufacturers all over the world to ensure the best quality products. gives 100% satisfaction guarantee to its customers, for this its own quality control unit is present.

What does offer? aims to provide you unique and best quality decorative ideas on competitive price. Some of them are listed below.

  • Flamingo Garden Decoration
  • Watering Can,
  • Fairy Lights Solar LED
  • Magical Garden Iron Ring Resin Parrot Garden Decoration
  • Windmill garden décor
  • Wooden Handicrafts-Koroks Family
  • Happy Parrot on The Tree-Garden Decoration
  • Angels Sympathy Ornament – Heavenly Angel Figurine Angel Ornament Statue
  • Human skull Flowerpot and much more.


  • Provides unique and latest products.
  • Worldwide shipment withing 7-15 days
  • Fast return and refund within 7 days
  • Order can be cancelled within 12hrs.
  • Payment via PayPal, credit card and debit card.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • It is quite old but still not popular.
  • Website is hiding /do not want to share the basic information.
  • No contact number is mentioned,
  • No office address. Legit sites always share their complete info.
  • No reviews on official page as well as on Facebook pages.

Is legit?

Online shopping may be overwhelming so need to take wise decision about products and your preferred store. Always go for a check up to clarify whether the store is legit or a scam.

While checking the legitimacy of a website we have taken a complete visit and noticed few points based on which you can decide better.

  • No contact number is provided.
  • No address detail is given.
  • The website is quite old but could not get popular.
  • Although the site is quite old but failed to drag the users.
  • No reviews on official page.
  • There are Facebook pages of with 1.5K likes but no reviews are found on any page.

On the above facts, we can say that the site is suspicious.

User’s Reviews

When you go for shopping online you may get confused while selecting the site. What would be the right shop? What would be the right product? But if we find some reviews about that product or website, we can decide faster.

Review either bad or good are very important for a website. Good reviews help to grab the user’s interest there by increasing the sale. Bad reviews help to improve the quality and service of the company for customer’s satisfaction.

Even though, is a quite old store provides the latest, trendy and unique custom products at competitive price. But it has not gained the popularity on social media.

No reviews are observed during our research.

Although many pages of are created on Facebook but failed to engage more traffic towards it.

No reviews are found on Facebook and on other social networks.

Wrap Up is a quite old online store dealing with the provision of decorative items for home, office and gardens. It believes in excellent quality with 100% customer’s satisfaction. It also aims to deliver latest decorative products for anything you might think of.

At the end, we can say that this site is suspicious. You need not to rely on it for your next purchase. So, stay away from such kind of website it will not only saves your money but also saves time.

If you still need to buy something from this store, go for some alternative. There are many other stores offering so many exciting decorative products.

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