Wise Text Message Scam – Know All About Detail Here!

 Wise Text Message Scam

Read limited reviews absent somewhere else about Wise Text Message Scam to know its validity and avoid getting cheated. Did you take a text message about a 2,000 NZD payment subtracted from your account on a specific date? A new dodge has included in the United Kingdom since Q2 of 2022. You might be conscious of phishing cheats. But, did you know about smishing scams? Would you like to know the legitimacy of such messages and associated evidences?

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About Wise SMS Text Scam:

Many sources on the internet exposed that the message about Wise deducting 2,000 from the user account spread since May 2022. The newest message up-to-date the clients that their account would be subtracted for 2,000 NSD on the 3rd (or) 6th May 2022. A screenshot of the text message presented on the internet showed the text message was received from +61(448)342-733. The message comprised a link for wiseloginauthenticate.com and transferwiseauthenticatelogin.com, counseling the users to click on the link to cancel the payment deduction.

How the Wise Text Message Scam works?

This text message is a Cheat as the official website of Wise is wise.com. The wiseloginauthenticate.com and transferwiseauthenticatelogin.com are scam website that takes benefit of the prudent brand. Regardless of the website name included in the message, many unaware users are unskilled with internet diddles. The swindlers try to take benefit of such unfamiliar users by making them fright and creating an insistence to click on the link. Such cheating website links target the personal and payment data of the users. Moreover, clicking on such links also agrees the website to install mini-apps, ads, and malware on the user’s device without approval.

Avoiding Wise Text Message Scam:

Wise has providing help on avoiding phishing scams on their website at https://wise.com/help/articles/2932695/watch-out-for-phishing. Wise has advised clients to avoid clicking on any links received in messages, checking if the website URL is misspelled (or) comparable to wise.com. Wise has warned its customers that false websites may try to bargain card data, payment details, and the character of customers. Henceforth, it is advisable to overlook such messages.

If the clients find a message including a diverse website URL (or) in case the customers believe that the message might be a missing effort, they can contact wise customer support at https://wise.com/login/?redirectUrl=/help/contact. However, @transferwisevictims is a Facebook group comprising wise clients who faced Wise Text Message Cheat and some type of scam associated to wise. Most of the grumbles in this group showed that the customer moved money from their account, but the recipient did not receive it.


Wise.com is a website that helps in sending payments overseas at cheaper transmission rates. Wise.com is a genuine website that has long existed since 7th March 1994. It was previously recognized as TransferWise. Wise.com has a good trust score of 86%. Though, swindlers take benefit of its fame by plotting and smishing, targeting unfamiliar users’ personal and payment data.


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