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Decideonlove.com Reviews – Is This Trustworthy Or Scam?


Almost every female uses makeup to enhance her beauty. To be strong and confidant, anywhere anytime, you need to improve your looks by different ways, like wearing latest and fashionable dress or applying makeup. Many online stores are available to fulfill your requirement of best quality beauty products. Visit decideonlove.com for more info!

About Decideonelove.com

Now a days online shopping is very common. Everyone is rushing towards it as it is easy to do while sitting at home. Are you searching for an online makeup store? Are you looking for a store that offers good discounts on beauty products? Do you tired of searching a legit website for best quality beauty products?

Are you want latest, good quality beauty products? Do you want a shop with various products? Are you searching for a website for electronics and related accessories for your home and office?

Have you ever shopped online? What was your experience? Did you find it reliable? To make your shopping experience unforgettable come to see decideonlove.com reviews.

What is Decideonlove.com?

It is an online makeup shop deals with the provision of best quality makeup and beauty related products to its customers on low price. It is a group of young, energetic and active guys who want to make online shopping mor easy and faster to their customers. They are passionate and dedicated to their work by producing good quality latest products for their customer’s demand and satisfaction.

What does Decideonlove.com offer?

Decideonlove.com is an online shop mainly focusing on makeup and beauty products. Along with this it is also working on different products of following categories.

  • Electronics and accessories
  • Child and Toys
  • Kitchen
  • Wireless headset
  • Christmas
  • Hot sale includes different decorative ideas.
  • Decorative ideas.


  • Best quality products on low price
  • Discounts are offered.
  • Worldwide shipment 7-14 days
  • Fast delivery
  • Return is accepted.
  • 100% refund
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Secure money transfer via PayPal and other credit cards.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts are active.


  • Contact number is not given on the official page.
  • Physical address is not mentioned.
  • Although the site is quite old, more than 6 months but still it is failed to become popular.
  • No reviews on official page.
  • No reviews on other social networks.

Is Decideonlove.com legit?

When you go for online shopping, you are expecting the things would be out class like seen in pictures but sometimes, you are surprised to see the difference. There are many scam sites, deceiving the customers by displaying best quality pictures.

So, it is good to check the legitimacy of your selected online store. Decideonlove.com is a quite old online store for beauty products and many other daily life accessories.

As we go deep in research, we see few important facts that help you to decide the reliability of this site. Here you are!

  • Basic information such as contact number and address is missing.
  • The website is quite old but failed to get famous.
  • Social media accounts are present but not active.
  • No review on social media and even on official networks.

Because of these facts, we would be able to say that the site is suspicious.

User’s Reviews

Customer’s feedback is very important for an online store to improve its products according to customer’s requirement. Good reviews help other customers to judge the worth of the product. These reviews also help to drag the new users and making money for that store.

Although decideonlove.com is a quite old website but it is failed to get reviews on its official page.

Unfortunately, we have not observed any positive or negative comment on Facebook and on other links.

Wrap Up

Finally, we are clear about decideonlove.com. It is an online store deals with the wide range of makeup and beauty related products along with other Christmas gift items, kitchen tools, toys and electronic accessories of our daily routine. Its aim is to provide latest best quality beauty products at reasonable price and ensures fast delivery.

Simply, we can say decideonlove.com is bringing salon at you home.

At the end we would like to suggest that this site is suspicious, and you need to stay away from this store.

If you are still interested and want to buy something search for other reliable stores. If you got any experience of using decideonlove.com’s products, feel free to share with us.

Thanks for Reading.

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Rallyhot.com Reviews – (Worth For Shopping?) 3- Stars


Online shopping is not so easy. As the trend of online shopping has increased scammers become more active. It is very difficult for a new user to decide whether to shop or not from a particular website. To clarify this, must visit rallyhot.com reviews.

About Rallyhot.com

Are you looking for an online store for best trendy women’s outfit? Are you facing trouble in selecting your new dress? Do you finding a store that offers big discounts?

Are you searching for an online fashion store? Are you new at online shopping portal? Do you facing trouble in finding a legit website?

In recent pandemic situation most of you rely on online shopping. Lots of clothing brands are here to serve you by offering latest, trendy fashionable cloths but it is difficult to judge the legit one. You must be very careful while selecting your shopping destination. Here is the solution for all above problems. Go through rallyhot.com reviews.

What is Rallyhot.com?

Rally.com is an online fashion store. Its aim is to satisfy its customers by providing latest branded clothes, shoes and other accessories at their doorstep. It is promoting berrylook.com as an affiliate.

What does Rallyhot.com offer?

It offers very attractive, elegant, colorful dresses and other women related products of different categories.

  • Casual and designer tops, bottoms, T-shirts, blouses, all types of dresses, outerwear, swimwear for ladies
  • Lady’s shoes including sandals, sneakers, wedges, boots, flat and loafers etc.
  • Jewelry, bags and other accessories.


  • Very attractive and elegant products
  • Latest, trendy and fashionable dresses and shoes are on good discounts.
  • Delivery all over the world within 7-15 days
  • Free shipment on order of 99 dollars.
  • 5% off on first order.
  • Payment is easy through PayPal and other credit cards.
  • Reviews are observed on official website.


  • Newly established website as we noticed mostly new websites are scam.
  • It offers big sale up to 80% off, not real for a legal new website.
  • No contact number and office address is provided.
  • No reviews are observed on Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Facebook account is not active.

Is Rallyhot.com legit?

Have you any experience of being cheated online? Sometimes the products are of ill quality, broken or different from the order taken by the customer. If someone tries to contact the company, there is no response.

It is necessary for a user to check whether the site is legitimate or a scam before taking any decision of ordering a product online.

Rallyhot.com is a clothing online store dealing with many other products being used by women. During our research on rallyhot.com we came to aware of following points

  • It is newly established website.
  • It is promoting the brand of another website named berrylook.com.
  • Offering big sale offer up to 80% off, seems to be unreal for a newly launched website.
  • Contact number and address is not mentioned on the official page.
  • Facebook page is created in May 2021 have no healthy activity.
  • No reviews found on other social media networks.

Based on above facts we would be able to say that the site is not reliable. So, be aware of frauds.

User’s Reviews

Reviews are very important both for users and website. Good reviews encourage the new users to make a purchase from the website/ store. They also increase the sale and makes the money by dragging new customers.

Good reviews are helpful for a store/website to make it arrange according to the customers satisfaction thereafter making money and being famous in online market.

During our research we have observed many reviews on different products. Here we feel happy to share with you!

  • “The material is very soft, fits perfectly, true to size and very flattering!!! Great buy for the money.”
  • “I absolutely love it, because I get compliments every time, I wear one, and I recommend.”
  • “It’s easy to wear and travel with. They create a polished, casual look.”
  • “Lovely fit, soft material wears very well. It works for work and weekend!”
  • “It is very flattering and comfortable too. Once I ordered one and loved it I ended up buying several colors! I would absolutely recommend it!”
  • “Material was nice and light, the style is fit to me. Wished it worked because it seemed comfortable!”

Wrap Up

Rallyhot.com is a newly established fashion store deals with the provision of women’s tops, bottoms, outerwear, shoes, jewelry, bags and other accessories on a reasonable price. It also offers discounts on most of the products.

The website is not selling its own brand, it is promoting the brands of berrylook.com that is also a fashion clothing online store for women.

Based on complete review of the website we are now able to say that the site is con. If you are interested in its products, then go for another option.

Thanks for Reading!

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Timetomy.com Reviews – Is It Legit Or Another Scam?


Due to current pandemic situation, online shopping is becoming more active and strengthening its position. Everyone wants to buy something good. For this, selection of your shopping destination is very important. How and from where to get a reliable product? This is what, most of you think prior to shop online. Here you have timetomy.com that will surely help you.

About Timetomy.com

Are you finding an online store dealing with best collection of men and women fashion clothes? Are you searching for sportswear both for men and women?

As online shopping craze is increasing day by day, the scammers are also active. It is very hard to know whether the site is scam or real. Have you been experienced of such kind of scammers? Are you getting bored of scrolling for a legit website?

Timetomy.com reviews are here for you to select and decide your next shopping place. It is a single online shop with wide range of products.

What is Timetomy.com?

Timetomy.com is an online store deals with the selling of fashion clothes for men and women, shoes, jewelry, watches, bags and other accessories. Sports wear and pajamas are also provided.

It was started in 2014 in Hong Kong, China. Its warehouses are in different countries. Its aim is to provide good quality, fashionable products to its valued customers on a reasonable price.

What does Timetomy.com offer?

The best quality products proposed by the site timetomy.com belongs to different categories.

  • Women’s fashion clothing
  • Maternity outfit
  • Parent-child outfit
  • Men’s fashion clothing
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Handbags
  • Sportswear, pajamas and much more.


  • Online store with best quality products.
  • Payment can be done via all credit cards.
  • Fast delivery all over the world within 7-15 days
  • Free shipping if order is above 79 dollars.
  • 5% off on first order of worth 30 dollars.
  • 5% off if your order is over 99 dollars.
  • 10% off if your order is 139 dollars.
  • Gives 15% off on order of 239 US dollars.
  • Free Shipping if order is over 99 dollars.
  • Products can be returned and exchanged within 14 days.


  • Newly launched website may be hiding some important information.
  • Contact number and address detail is not provided.
  • Facebook and Pinterest links are fake.
  • No reviews about the reliability of website on any social network.
  • No reviews on official website page.
  • While going through its about section, Ootdmw.com is used instead of timetomy.com.
  • Discount offers seems to be unreal.

Is Timetomy.com Legit?

While deciding about an online shop it is good to check its legitimacy first, it will save you from any trouble later. Have you visited timetomy.com? Do you need any of its product with reasonable price? If you are interested to shop here, let us have a complete and quick view of timetomy.com.

No doubt, the site is presenting latest, trendy and fashionable products of different categories. It also attracts its customer’s by giving good discount on most of its products.

During our research on timetomy.com we have sorted out few points for your convenience. These are listed below.

  • The company is recently registered.
  • No contact number is provided.
  • No physical address is provided.
  • Links provided on official web page do not exist.
  • No reviews are observed on any network.
  • Too many discounts and sale offer seem to be unreal for recently launched store.
  • No customer feedback on official page.

So now, we can say this site is not reliable, based on above facts.

User’s Reviews

Reviews are also important for both customers and the company itself. They help trigger their sale and involve more people. Reviews help the customer to decide whether to purchase or not from the site. Is it legit or scam? Are the products offered by this store reliable? Would it be wise decision to spend money over here? These are the questions arise in your mind before making a deal with any website?

Good reviews are very helpful while taking decision.

In depth, we could not find any review about this site on any social media network. Facebook and twitter links are fake. We could not find any review on its official website.

Wrap Up

Timetomy.com is a recently launched online store dealing with men and women clothing, shoes, watches, bags, jewelry, sportswear, pajamas, maternity outfits and other accessories.

At the end, we can say that this site is a scam. We should not rely on it for our next purchase. So, stay away from such kind of website it will not only saves your money but also saves time.

If you still need to buy something from this store, go for some alternative. There are many other stores offering so many exciting products on big discounts.


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Lactetih.com Reviews – Worth For Shopping Or Scam?


Because of COVID-19, the trend of online shopping has increased. Everyone is rushing towards online market to find out the best they want.

About Lactetih.com

Do you need best quality toys for your children? Are you tired of searching the store dealing with unique sense of art? Are you finding a shop where you go, just shop all your required things out there and come home?

If you are searching for a store that deals with fashion clothes, shoes and jewelry? Before selecting the site for your favorite product, you need to know the legitimacy of that website. Are you interested to know whether the site is legit or scam?

Wait we have a suggestion for you! Before taking any decision, you must read lactetih.com reviews carefully. It will help you a lot.

What is lactetih.com?

Lactetih.com is an online store having huge selection of almost all our daily life products. It assures the quality and services to customers. It has experienced team of manufacturers who are producing latest products according to customer’s demand.

What does Lactetih.com offer?

Lactetih.com is an online store aims to deliver latest and trendy various products used in our daily life. The store offers the products of following categories.

  • Clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Health and beauty
  • Art and crafts
  • Jewelry and watches
  • Books
  • Phones and accessories
  • Computers, tablets and networking
  • Cameras and photos
  • Toys
  • Music
  • Video games and consoles
  • Sports goods and many more.

Is Lactetih.com Legit?

Lactetih.com is established in 2021, newly launched, covering wide range of products we have been using in our daily life. Here we go with some important facts.

  • Newly launched website.
  • No contact number and address are given.
  • No reviews are observed on official page.
  • Provided links are fake.

Based on above facts we would like to say that this site is not genuine. Legit site always provides their complete information for customer’s satisfaction.


  • Online store with wide range of products
  • Provides best quality products.
  • Payment can be done via all credit cards.
  • Fast delivery all over the world within 12-15 days
  • Free shipping if order is above 53 dollars.
  • Products can be returned and exchanged within 14 days.


  • Newly launched website may be hiding some important information.
  • Contact number and address detail is not provided.
  • Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Pinterest and YouTube links are fake.
  • No reviews about the reliability of website on any social network.

User’s Reviews

During our research about lactetih.com we critically observed all the information shared by the website. We could not find any review on its official page.

We have checked all the social media links provided by the site. But sadly, they all do not exist.

Wrap Up

Lactetih.com is a recently launched online store dealing with wide range of daily use products. After complete overview of the website and its offers we can decide the website is not genuine.

All offered products are of great demand, but it is better to search for another store that is legit.

If you got any experience of being scammed? If yes, then feel free to share. We feel pleasure to see your response.

Thanks for reading!

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Plantfor-life.site Reviews – Is This Trustworthy Or Scam?


Every woman loves to wear jewelry, but selection of unique and attractive jewelry is a big deal. Are you looking for a site that help selecting your choice? Come to visit plantfor-life.site.

About plantfor-life.site

Along with beautiful cloths and shoes, jewelry make you perfect and gorgeous. Are you crazy about it? Are you looking for a site that offer stunning, fashionable rings?

What should be gifted to my friend on her birthday? What should be the Mother’s Day gift for my mother?

No need to be worry! Look over plantfor-life.site reviews that will help you in every situation.

What is plantfor-life.site?

Plantfor-life.site is an online store deals with the manufacturing and selling of jewelry. It has been started in 2015. It presents different categories designed with latest jewelry making technology. They believes in good quality and stylish designs manufacture by a team of professionals.

What does plantfor-life.site offer?

It offers stylish and elegant rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It is specialized in provision of name necklaces, monograms pendants and rings with initials. This site is offering 50% off on Mother’s Day special. It is also offering graduation gift of Personalized Book Locket Necklace which is handcrafted for its valued customers.


  • The site offers elegant, flawless and stunning jewelry.
  • It offers free Shipping on orders $70+
  • Fast delivery within 10-20 days
  • Positive feedback of customers on official page.
  • 10% off on spending 50 dollars.
  • Shipping is free on order above 39 dollars.


  • Lack of information
  • The website may be hiding some information.
  • In about section detail is not satisfactory. Plantfor-life.site is a jewelry manufacturer, but where is it?
  • Fake social media links are provided which also not a good sign for a legit website.

Is plantfor-life.site legit?

Before going to select your shopping site it is necessary to check its reliability. It can help us deciding whether to go for shop or not. This will not only save our time but our money too.

Although the plantfor-life.site is an emerging store of latest jewelry. Everyone would like to purchase, after seeing its stunning designs and original material. While moving forward in our research we got some issues to prove its suspiciousness.

  • Basic information like contact number and office address is not mentioned.
  • Website is new and giving discounts and sale offers on many items just like other new sites.
  • Facebook link provided on official website is fake.
  • No reviews on other social media networks.

User’s Reviews

Many people help reviews about the particular shop while making decision? It is not the final but much more important in selection of a store? During our research on plantfor-life.site we observed few 5 star reviews. Here you are!

  • I wish I had taken a photo, but it was given as a gift and I did not. However, it turned out absolutely perfect and beautiful! Customer service was great as well. Fast to respond, and I special requested to have just two drops and she made it happen for me. Would definitely recommend this product + this shop!
  • Received my necklace today well worth the wait absolutely beautiful thank you so much
  • So beautifully dainty! Absolutely love this. Will be ordering another for my sister. Wonderful seller, Thank you so much.

These reviews are from official web page, no reviews are found on any other social media platform.

Wrap up

Plantfor-life.site is newly launched website that offers worldwide delivery of new, astonishing rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

At the end we would suggest that plantfor-life.site is a suspicious site. Go for another shop if necessary. Stay away from cheaters and be careful in finding your new destination.

If you have tried this site? Then feel free to share your experience with us.


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Gamesforall.store Reviews – Worth To Buy Gaming Items Or Scam?


Hold on! Game lovers! your thirst for playing the latest video games is about to subside. Visit gamesforall.store to find what they bring new for you in gaming world.

About gamesforall.store

Do you love video games? Do you need some important accessories to play these games efficiently? Have you enough time to play the new PS5 games?

Are you looking for a store dealing with latest PS5 console and its accessories? Are you searching for new PS5 and PS4 games? If yes, then no worries!

You are at the right page. By reading these reviews on gamesforall.store you will be able to understand the latest version of playing equipments which supports new, exciting games with new characters on different missions.

What is gamesforall.store?

It is an online store dealing with selling of Sony PlayStation 5 game Console, iPhones and multiple gaming accessories required for almost all types of games. It also provides latest PS5 and PS4 games.

What does it offer?

Gamesforall.store is a new website offering so many amazing and thrilling products what you want for efficient utilization of your leisure time by playing video games at home.

Here you are.

  • 40 different products including PS5 console, variety of gaming accessories used for PC, PS5, PS4 and X box One etc.
  • NEW iPhone 11 Pro 256GB and NEW iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • 8 latest PS5 and PS4 games including FIFA 21, Hitman 3, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Play Station 5 Standard Edition, LEGO Harry Potter Collection, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Spider-man: Miles Morales, God of War- PlayStation and ARK: Survival Evolved (PS4).


  • Latest products are available.
  • Fast payment system via Western Union, MoneyGram and Bank transfer.
  • Most of the products are on sale price.
  • Exchange or return of product is accepted within 90 days.
  • Website has given complete details of all products.


  • Basic information is not shared.
  • Copied content.
  • No reviews on any social media network.
  • No links available on any social media network.

Is it legit?

Which game would you like to play? Have you decided your game to order? Wait! Before going to make a deal with this store you should analyze its value whether it is legit or scam?

During research we observed few things, based on that you can judge the genuineness of this store.

  • Lack of basic information: address, phone number and email address
  • Newly launched.
  • No data available in “About” and “home” section on the website.
  • Terms of sale section is copied; false and totally irrelevant information is posted.
  • The store is dealing with video games, mobiles and gaming accessories but on official page of the website they are talking about refund policy of perishable good, hazardous materials, cards and magazines.

From all above facts it is clearly proven that the gamesforall.store is not genuine.

User’s Reviews

As we checked out all the social media networks we found no account for gamesforall.store.

No reviews are observed even on official page.

Wrap up

Undoubtedly, various products like PS5 console, iPhone, accessories for all types of games are offered by this store are efficient and unique with advance ideas.

Sometimes we feel bored with our daily routine and want some change. In this situation it is good to indulge yourself in a healthy activity that not only refresh you but also upgrade your information. Playing video games is one of those activity. In this digital era, our conventional and traditional games are replaced by digitally controlled video games using PlayStations while sitting on chair in your home.

At the end we feel bad for the site and could not recommend this store for your next purchase. If you need to buy something it will be your own decision.

Be careful with intimations.

Thanks for reading!

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Koormall.com Reviews – Is This Trustworthy Or Another Scam?


Whether you are looking for a single online store where you find all your daily use items with affordable price? If yes, you are at the right page.

About Koormall.com

Are you looking for some astonishing products to decorate your lawn and garden? Are you a decorator and finding some innovative and amusing ideas for your garden?

If you are busy and want to shop home accessories by saving your time and money? Are you interested to shop with websites that offer discounts? Do you know about legit or scam websites?

Have you ever been cheated by any online store? Being Scammed by a website, what to do next?

Here is the one, you might be searching for.

Come with koormall.com reviews to expand your vision and to make your shopping experience immemorable.

What is Koormall.com?

Koormall.com is an online store try to provide wide range of daily use items on affordable price and ensures the quality. It was started in 2019 with the aim of delivering best quality and unique products on fair price.

It is working with many manufacturers and their warehouses are in US. Its products can be used in all seasons and in every situation whether a party, home function or a gathering on friend’s site. Its products are according to latest fashion.

What does Koormall.com offer?

Koormall.com offers various essential products of our daily use. Listed below are the products of KOORMALL. Do you like to shop?

  • Lawn and garden decorating items
  • Garden gnome
  • Clothing for men and women
  • Lingerie
  • Shoes for men and women
  • Makeup and beauty products
  • Jewelry and Other daily life items

Is Koormall.com Legit?

Have you chosen your favorite items to shop from Koormall.com? Stop! First check the legitimacy of website either it is real, fake or suspicious.

While doing research we noticed down some facts listed below for your ease to decide what the website is.

  • Wrong information is shared.
  • Some important information is missing on the page like phone number of the company.
  • In about info company is started in 2019 and 2018. What is the actual year of opening?
  • While website is started in December 2019.
  • It is new like many other suspicious sites.


  • Unique and innovative products are offered.
  • Variety of items on one shop
  • 100 % satisfaction guarantee
  • 100% refund
  • Free shipping in united states.
  • 40 US dollars discount offer, if shipping worldwide


  • No social media activity
  • Wrong information is passed.
  • Facebook account is fake.
  • Links of other social media networks are also absent.
  • No reviews about this website on any social media icon.
  • Too many offers and discounts seems to be unrealistic.

User’s Reviews

Koormall.com is dealing with amazingly unique items for lawn and garden décor. We have found many reviews about its amazing products only on its official page.

  • It’s so cute, I like it very much.
  • Nice
  • This is a great product. Our washing machine got a big pretty big dent in it and by using this we were able to get it out. The instructions were easy to understand. It took a couple of time to pull the different dents out, but it looks 10x better than it did before.
  • I was really surprised how well this system works. We had several door dings and even a pretty good-sized dent. I took my time and worked each area carefully. All the dents are not visible anymore. I will be purchasing a reflector board to make it easier to see the dings.

The website is emerging and failed to get famous up till now. Reviews are necessary for a customer before making a deal with any website. They are helpful for the website also. Based on its customer’s feedback it can improve its products.

Wrap Up

Koormall.com is an emerging website aims to provide variety of daily use products on affordable price on the doorstep of its valued customers. Lack of basic information, putting false information and being inactive on social media matters a lot for a website. It may shake the customer’s interest.

Based on all facts about the website, observed during our research, it is like many other sites which are not real. Stay away from such kind of websites.

If you still interested in some of their products, do your own research and share your experience with us.

Thanks for being with us!

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Powertoolss.com Reviews – (Legit Website Or Scam?) 3-Stars


Whether you are searching for best brands of power tools and equipment at cheaper price to improve your home and worksite, powertoolss.com is here for your convenience.

About Powertoolss com

Are you looking for a new, branded, efficient power tool for your house? Do you want to make your online shopping experience the great one? Are you searching a website with amazing discount offers along with best quality?

Do you want to make your party memorable? Do you need a light weight and portable power tool to operate your appliances while camping during adventure or even at fun?

Have you ever been cheated while shopping online? Scams are common so be aware of those. Are you looking for the reliability of powertoolss.com?

Whatever the cause is, powetoolss.com reviews can help you. The reviews are very clear and true about the website powertoolss.com. So here we go!

What is Powertoolss com?

Powetoolss.com is an online store dealing with the provision of designer brand power tools and equipments at cheaper price. It assures you the best quality and durability of its products. It is working with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to introduce new and affordable products to meet the needs of its every customer.

What does Powertoolss com offer?

Powertoolss.com is mainly dealing with generators, batteries, chargers and power tools combo kits. All the products are of best quality and are available on demand.

  • It provides you 19 different types of quiet, home back up, industrial and recreational generators.
  • Powertoolss.com offers you 10 different types of batteries and chargers for your comfort and convenience.
  • It is also dealing with 13 different kinds of power tools combo kits that are handy and improve your task quality.

Pros Of Powetoolss com

  • Wide range of branded products are available.
  • 100% refund if not satisfied.
  • Free shipment
  • Local shipment in 2-7 days
  • Worldwide shipment in 4-22 days.
  • Affordable price with good discounts.
  • Good reviews on official website.

Cons Of Powetoolss com

  • Facebook page was created in 2019, not working now.
  • Free shipment all over the world seems unreal.
  • Big discounts on all products that is not a good sign for newly launched website.
  • No reviews on any social media.

Is Powertoolss com Legit?

Powertoolss.com is newly established online store claims to deal with the worldwide delivery of new, highly efficient power tool of already established and well-known brand Honda. Before making any deal with this store It is necessary to have some information about the website either it is legit or one more scam?

Here are some points for you to understand and better judge the legitimacy or impractical approach of the website.

  • The website has provided all its basic info like address, contact number and email address.
  • Return/ replacement / privacy and shipment policy is described in detail.
  • 40-80% discount on all products that is too high for a newly launched website.
  • Fake accounts on social media.
  • Facebook account given in link was established in 2019 is not working now.
  • Website is registered recently in 2021. So FB link is also fake.

Apparently, it seems like a legit website but with deep research we came to know the dishonesty of the website. Powertoolss.com is fake website and you cannot rely on it for your next purchase.

User’s Reviews About Powertoolss com

User’s reviews are one of the tools to judge the website/product either it is legit or scam. We have observed that Powertoolss.com is newly launched company and got good reviews with 5- star ranking on official website page.

Here is the one for you.

“Normally I would never buy a new model of Anything until enough time passed that glaring problems would show up. But in this case, the Honda eu2000 models have such a reputation for quality and reliability that I took the risk and purchased the new eu2200. I went though a simple break in procedure (can’t hurt!) And the generator has been performing flawlessly. Very little vibration, low noise, the only part of the generator that gets warm is the vented plastic over the muffler area (I can still place my hand there during operation), and of course the exhaust pipe itself. Is it cheap? No. Is it worth it? Yes, if you need a generator that’s going to last for many years of heavy use.”

Wrap up

At the end we would be able to say that this website is not genuine as it is only using the name of already established brands. Through proper research we have found no supplier of Honda generators exist in New Jersey. But the website has mentioned New Jersey in address.

No doubt the Honda power tools are efficient that is why this website is using its name. You must be very careful about the site before making any deal. It will save your time and money.

Feel free to share your experience with powertoolss.com.


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Rous.store Reviews – Is This Trustworthy Or Another Scam?


In this modern age, technology is progressing day by day. If you are interested in some professionally used high tech devices for both work and enjoyment purpose, come to visit Rous.store

About Rous.store

Are you looking for flying cameras? Do you need more perfection in your photography? Taking pictures and making videos is not just a fun, but a highly demanding profession for social media as well. Digital cameras are introduced by Rous with latest technology in the form of drones for ariel photography and making videos.

Are you free at home? Want to watch your favorite movie or play it is better to find some device that feel your home as a theater. Are you looking for a mini, portable projector for your upcoming project at your workplace?

Are you searching a website that provides advance devices? Rous.store is here to solve your problems. Go through this transparent review!

What is Rous.store?

Rous.store is a newly established website with its aim to provide latest technology-based devices. All their products are made in USA. Rous.store is fully passionate to deliver advance, automatic, and efficient products to its customers directly from warehouses situated in US, UK, Australia, and Canada.

What does it offer?

  • Stargate
  • 2021 latest 4K camera rotation waterproof professional S32T drone.
  • Latest 4K drone with UHD camera for adults. Easy GPS quadcopter for beginner with 46 min flight time, brushless motor, 5GH2 FPV transmission auto return home, Follow me out anti- shake cam. (three years warranty)
  • Ultra-portable pocket projector.
  • SWs Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Expert Building Kit.


  • Introducing latest amazing products
  • Products are real and efficient equipped with advanced technology.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee by the company.
  • 24/7 online customer service.
  • Secure payment system (SSL).
  • Payment via PayPal and other credit cards.
  • Delivery within 7-20 days.
  • Fast delivery and easy refund.


  • Proper information about company’s address, phone number and email address are missing.
  • No social media links are working.
  • Links provided on official page may leads to fake accounts.
  • No reviews and customer feedbacks are observed on internet.

Is Rous.store Legit?

While shopping online, Questions arise in your minds, Is Rous.store is legit or scam? Either you would purchase the product or leave it? Either the products are real or fake?

You must know about the legitimacy of the site before considering it as your intended online store.

Based on few facts, we find this website is a dodge. Have a look and decide!

  • Some necessary information is missing on official page of the website.
  • Proper address of the company, contact number and email address is missing.
  • No details are provided in about sections.
  • Layout of the website is different and not explained properly.
  • Refund and replacement policy, terms and conditions are not described.
  • The website is newly launched and could not get users interest yet.
  • No reviews and customer’s feedback are noticed.
  • Links provided on official website are fake.
  • No reviews on internet.

User’s Reviews

Because of customer’s reviews one can decide whether the website is trustworthy or going to be con. For this, we have checked the links provided on the official website of Rous.store but unfortunately could not get even a single review.

Wrap Up

Rous.store is a newly launched website aiming to deliver the amazing products based on advance technology like stargate, drone cameras, mini portable projector and much more.

Being a new website, it is failed to get user’s interest. User’s interest is very important to drive the sale.

As a result, we would suggest you leave this site until unless it improves the layout of the website and gest its customer’s reviews.

If you still want to buy its products find other online stores which are legit.

Thanks for Reading!

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Pearlfeet Shoes Reviews – Legal Website For Shopping?


During the pandemic situation of COVID-19 it has become easy to select and purchase your favorite shoes while staying at home in one click. Pearlfeet is what you have been waiting for.

About Pearlfeet Shoes

To enhance your outlook, selection of dress and shoe must be according to your choice whether it is casual, party, sport, travel or others. Let us have a new pair of shoes that is trendy, comfortable and fits well in feet.

Are you searching for big discounts on branded shoes? Do you want to know about the shop where you can by all kinds of shoes?

Do you like to wear handmade shoes? Are you finding a store where best quality sneakers and running shoes are available? This is just a one click away!

Come to see and visit the Pearlfeet com reviews it will help you out.

What is Pearlfeet.com?

Pearlfeet is an online store striving to provide footwear for men and women. Its vision is to produce and deliver excellent quality products with reasonable price to their customers.

Its aim is to provide latest, trendy designs of all kinds of shoes at one place for the customer’s accessibility. It offers water shoes, loafers/ flats, handmade shoes and sandals, casual boots for all season, sneakers, athletics and running shoes both for men and women.

Along with shoes, Pearlfeet.com is dealing with provision of clothing both for men and women. It offers T-shirts, pants, loose pants, Ticktock leggings, tops, blouses and much more.

For men’s clothing Pearlfeet has a wide range of T- shirts, shorts, pants, casual dresses, trousers, military shorts etc. It is offering all season varieties of all products.


  • New trends of shoes are introduced.
  • New versatile clothing is offered.
  • Free shipment if order exceeds 59 dollars.
  • Company’s address is mentioned.
  • Phone number and email address is provided for customer service.
  • Payment via PayPal and other credit cards.
  • Delivery within 10-30 days.
  • The website offers discounts by spinning a lucky wheel.


  • Facebook page is present but showing no reviews.
  • No positive reviews on internet.
  • Links provided are not active.
  • 15 % cancellation charges are applied.
  • Return is possible before shipment.

Is It Legit?

Pearlfeet.com is no doubt, a footwear and clothing store both for men and women. Before going to visit the site, you must know whether the site is legitimate or going to make you a fool.

Apparently, the website looks great with all its categories described by pictures along with the product’s features. This would help customers to check the reliability of products and website before shopping.

Most of the companies offer discounts to drive their sales. But in case of pearl feet shoes, prices of products are already reasonable. In such conditions, discount offers by spinning a wheel seems to be unreal.

Social media links provided on official website are not functional. Facebook page got few followers with no reviews. During our research we looked upon few reviews that are not in favor of Pearlfeet.com.

User’s Reviews

Reviews help customers while placing their orders on any online store. We find few reviews about Pearlfeet.com that proves the site is not trustworthy.

A customer feedback for your interest,

“Sent wrong size and color. I returned at my cost to dodgy address. Pearl feet refuses to acknowledge my return and keep referring to scam return policy. Under no circumstances should anyone buy from this bunch of shysters. STAY AWAY…!”

Wrap Up

At the end we would be able to say that pearlfeet.com is a big store that offers wide range of shoes and clothes both for men and women.

After deep research we have found that the website is not legit so stay away from such kind of websites they only drive you for their benefit. There are many other brands which are authentic and offer you good discounts.

Have you got any experience of purchasing shoes from this store? Have you ever been cheated online? Do not forget to share your experience, it would be of great value to most of the viewers.

Thanks for Reading!

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