512 Area Code – (Location, Timezone) Read All Details Here!

Area Code 512

512 Area code is the area code of Central Texas, remarkably, the city of Austin.


512 area covers Central Texas. The main cities are Austin, Bastrop, Buda, Burnet, Cedar Park, Elgin, Georgetown, Kyle, Lampasas, Leander, Lockhart, Pflugerville, Rockdale, Round Rock, San Marcos, Smithville, Taylor, Wimberley and many others.

Time Zone

This area code is in the Central time zone. 

History of Area Code 512

In 1947, when the numbering system established, initially the Texas had four area codes 214, 512, 713, and 915. Within few years as population of Texas increased, the use of telephone also increased. Due to population growth need of new telephone numbers produced. So, in 1953, an additional area code assigned to that area. 512 is one of the originally set area code of four area codes in Texas. Following changes occurred in this area code up till now:

  • In 1947, this area code established to provide service in south central and southern parts of country.
  • In 1992, this area code splits and new area code 210 implements to provide service in western area of country.
  • 1999, area code 512 splis again into a new area code 361 to cover southeastern area.
  • 2013 area code 512/737 implements. 737 is an overlay of area code 512.

What is area code and why area code splits and overlay?

A 3-digit number, used as a part of the telephone number that directs long distance phone calls to their destination.

In telecommunication, the area code may be needed in an area where demand for telephone services is high due to increase in population and globalization. High demand may cause the shortage of phone numbers. Hence Area code splitting helps to prevent a shortage of telephone numbers.

Area code splits means creating a new telephone area codes by splitting a large geographical region into new, smaller regions. The one area will have the same area code and the new created area will be assigned a new code.

Similarly, the area code overlay by another 3-digit area code to meet the telephone numbers needs of that area.

How to Make Calls?

As per rules of North American Numbering Plan (NANP), You can make calls to 512 area code telephone numbers by three different ways.

  • In Seven-digit dialing, If you are in the same area code you can dial 7-digit telephone number without area code to any 512 area code service area.
  • In Ten-digit dialing, If you are not in the same area code then dial 3-digit area code + 7-digit telephone number to make a desired call.
  • Eleven-digit dialing, You can make a call by dialing 1 + 512 + 7-digit telephone number without any interruptions. This method of calling is also called national format. It is used when we need to make distant calls.

Benefits if using 512 area code phone numbers?

  • You can use this area code 512 from any device such as mobile phone, laptop, your desktop computer, and smart phone.
  • If you owned this area code number, you could make unlimited calls to Texas and many other associated areas.
  • You can grow your business with local 512 phone number in Austin. Austin is an ideal place for startups and small businesses.
  • Because of low living cost it is easy to establish new projects in this area.
  • You can start and expand your own business with local 512 area code phone number by showing virtual occurrence. It means you can expand your business all over the Texas by using virtual phone number and you do not have to set up your office there.
  • Minimize the cost on receiving calls by using local phone number instead a toll- free number.
  • You can better advertise your business by using local phone numbers.

More Info about Dialing procedures in overlay area codes

In 2013 an area code 512/737 was established to meet the needs of more area codes in that area. In this case 512 is an overlay on 737. The original area code 512 will have the same dialing procedure as prior to implementation. A consumer’s existing telephone number will remain the same including current area code. Same case is with the cost of a telephone call, coverage area and other rates and services. A local call will remain a local call.

But in the area where both area codes are in service in the result of overlay by North American Numbering Plan (NANP), the dialing procedures may be changes.

  • The callers must dial 1 + area code + telephone `
  • Two area codes will represent the same geographic region.
  • The area code must be used when dialing any telephone number – including calls within the same area code.
  • The consumers who were using old 7-digit number would require reprogramming to use new calling procedures.
  • Re-programming would be required for mobile phones settings, fax machines, alarm and security system and for other automatic equipment’s. To avoid any interruptions.

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