December Global Holidays – Read To Know Importance Of All Holidays!

December is undoubtedly the month of the most holidays. As it is the last month of the year it brings a lot of joy and happiness with it in form of holidays that people celebrate as their occasion or religious practices. It is considered as the “world of holidays”. Let us discuss the important holidays in the month of December 

December holiday Hanukkah: 

It starts from November 28 till the 6th of December. This is a religious occasion to celebrate the dedication of the second temple in Jerusalem. It is celebrated by Israel and various other Jewish communities all around the world. The other name for Hanukkah is chakkunah and it is called the festival of lights. The festival lasts for 8 days, which technically starts from 25 of the Kislev from the Hebrew calendar also the date fluctuates sometimes with the gregorian calendar. The month is to celebrate the dedication of the second temple in Jerusalem. On this occasion, people light up candles every night for 8 days. People sing traditional songs and do their prayers. The famous food that people eat on this occasion is oil dries food including potato pancakes (latkes) and jam-filled doughnuts (sufganiyot). They share gifts and like to play dreidels. 

december global holidays

They usually believe that what they witnessed on the rededication was unreal and they light up candles in remembrance of it. Even if there is not enough oil to keep the menorah candle lit up the flame still continues to burn for 6 days. The other candle is added to the menorah on each sundown and is considered as shamash (helper). 

World AIDS day:

Worl AIDS day is celebrated on the 1st of December. This is a health-related occasion to spread awareness regarding HIV/AIDS among people all around the world.

The idea given by James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter. At the time when they presented this idea, they were working with World Health Organization on AIDS. At that time the first world holiday marked on December 1 and celebrated as an official holiday. 

december global holidays

World AIDS day to celebrate to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS and motivate people who were or are affected by the disease. There are plenty of ways t celebrate the occasion including visiting institutes where children had to suffer from the disease as well as rejection of society and their parents by being orphans, sponsoring safe-sex organizations, and spreading information about how to prevent the virus. 

Santa Lucia: 

Santa Lucia celebrated on December 13 also included in December holidays. It is a religious occasion. The occasion is to pay tribute to Lucia of Syracuse. It celebrated in Italy and Scandinavia. 

december global holidays

Santa Lucia was an Italian saint who died as a martyr. She considered a ray of light in times of darkness. And she celebrated every year on the 13th of December as a symbol of hope and light. The important day celebrated by concerts, in singers wearing white and wearing white clothes or caps representing flicking candles.


Yule celebrated from December 21 till January 1. It is a pagan event. The event celebrated to pay tribute to the Norse god Odin. It is an occasion in Germany and many german communities all around the world.

Yule also called a yuletide. Is a festival for all the german people around the world. The celebration agnostic roots and be followed back to the Norse god Odin just as the Anglo-Saxon celebration of Modraniht. It falls in winter and makes it one of the oldest occasions that have been celebrated in December. 

december global holidays

People used to light up a log in a bonfire and sit outside all night long. The custom of burning a log still practiced in many areas. Many people now build a yule altar, making evergreen yule or returning back to mother nature in remembrance of this day. People do candlelit dinners and decorate yule trees in remembrance of this event. 

December holiday Festivus: 

Festivus is on 23rd December. It is a parody event. The event celebrated to speak against Christmas consumerism. It celebrated all over the world particularly in the united states. 

This is a global holiday that became more famous in 1997 by and an episode of the famous show “The Strike”. The event celebrated to speak against Christmas consumerism. As discouraging buying costly Christmas trees. People on this day stand around the aluminum pole. 

Some pundits have considered this event a fuss and an event in which anti-conventional people give random excuses about not celebrating Christmas truly. However, this holiday grows every year and educated people do consider it as an important event.

December holiday Christmas: 

Christmas celebrated on the 25th of December. It is a religious holiday. The event is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. And it celebrated all around the world.  

Who doesn’t know about Christmas it is the most famous event of Christians that they celebrate in remembrance of the birth of Jesus Christ. Whom according to the Christian is the last prophet of God. They believe that God sent him to save humanity from sins. This is one of the few events that not only celebrated by Christians but also non-christian people also celebrate it. 

december global holidays

However, it should be pointed out that the actual date of birth of Jesus Christ not known. The 25 date picked due to winter’s extent in the romance calendar. People celebrate the event by leaving gifts for Santa Claus. Many people start the day by going to church and praying there on this day. The preparation of this event starts from the start of December. People decorate trees, have Turkey for dinner, invite their friends and family for dinner. The whole day celebrated full of happiness and joy with a gesture of being humble towards family and friends. 

December holidays Boxing day: 

Boxing day celebrated on December 26. A general holiday and celebrated all across the world. 

The origin of this holiday was from the United Kingdom during the middle ages. day when gifts from churches that labeled for poor people were opened and distributed among them. This tradition still happens in many areas all across the world. The day was off for servants. Especially the day celebrated for people like postman, various kind of servants to appreciate them for serving the community all over the year. 

december global holidays

December holidays Kwanza: 

Kwanza celebrated from the 26th of December till the 1st of January. It is a cultural holiday to preserve African values. The event celebrated all across the world particularly in the united states. 

It is a December holiday to celebrate the preservation of certain African values. The day presented by Dr. maulana Karenga for the watts riots in Los Angeles, California. The word kwanza means “first fruit”. People celebrate this event by playing African songs and dancing to them. They also celebrate it by storytelling, poetry, and by discussing African values and cultures. The event ended with a huge meal.

December holidays New year’s eve: 

New year’s eve celebrated on the 31t of December. The day also included in the December holidays to celebrate the last day of the year. And this celebrated all across the world. The purpose of this day is to welcome new year by ending the old year with happiness and joy. As this event celebrated by all religions so people usually go to their religious places to pray. The celebration starts in the evening bu huge family dinners with friends and fireworks all over the world.

december global holidays

December holidays Quaid’s day: 

Quaid’s day celebrated on the 25th of December. it a December holiday The day celebrated in the remembrance of Quaid e Azam who was the founder of Pakistan. The Pakistani people start this day by raising flags and with army parades in presence of the president of the country. People do speeches and educate their children about how Quaid e Azam fought for Pakistan and how many people have sacrificed for this country. 


To conclude I would like to end on this note that December is the month of holidays and many religions celebrate their religious holidays in this month. And the end of this month is by welcoming a new year with a proper celebration. all December holidays are in remembrance of something good and people love to celebrate especially in month of winter.

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