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414 area code was first established in October 1947, with area code 715, as one of Wisconsin’s two original area codes. The numbering plan area formerly covered most of Wisconsin’s Northeastern and Southern regions, ranging from Lake Michigan to Minnesota and low state lines. The remaining Northwestern half was covered by 715, as it is presently.

In 19955, area code 608 was assigned to much of the Western portion of the area, including Madison. The Northern half of the numbering plan area 414, comprising Fox River Valley and the Green Bay, became numbering plan area 9020 on July 26, 1997.


414 is one of AT and T and the Bell System’s initial 86 area codes formed in 1947. Its original services included Northern and Southern Wisconsin, as well as Milwaukee, the area code 414 was divided in 1997, requiring specific phone numbers to be updated to area code 920. Then again, in 1999, it resulted in the creation of area code 262. Relief planning has commenced avoiding depleting all feasible phone numbers in this area code. 

The construction of 920 was intended to be a long-term solution. Still, because of the proliferation of cell phones and pagers, 414 was close to depletion once again within a year—the NANPA assigned area code 262 to Southeastern Wisconsin as a second area code in 1998. The original concept intended for 262 to be added to the 414 territories as an overlay.


Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, and other cities are covered by the 414 area code, which is located in Wisconsin.

Time zone:

The time zone for the 414 area code is Central. Chicago/America is another name for the Central time zone.

Nearby area codes:

1262Kenosha, WI

2414Milwaukee, WI
3920Green Bay, WI

Top 2 counties in area code 414:

NoCountyTotal Population% of 414% of County    
1Milwaukee, WI947,73592%20%    
2Waukesha, WI389,8918%4%    

Top 21 cities in area code 414:

NoCityTotal Population% of 414% of City    
1Milwaukee, WI594,83337%100%    
2West Allis, WI60,4114%100%    
3Wauwatosa, WI46,3965%100%    
4Greenfield, WI36,7204%100%    
5Franklin, WI35,45113%100%    
6Oak Creek, WI34,45111%100%    
7South Milwaukee, WI21,1562%100%    
8Cudahy, WI18,2672%100%    
9Whitefish Bay, WI14,1101%100%    
10Greendale, WI14,0462%100%    
11Shorewood, WI13,1621%100%    
12Glendale, WI12,8722%100%    
13Brown Deer, WI11,9992%100%    
14Muskego, WI24,1357%48%    
15St. Francis, WI9,3651%99%    
16Hales Corners, WI7,6921%100%    
17Fox Point, WI6,7011%100%    
18West Milwaukee, WI4,2060%100%    
19Bayside, WI4,3891%95%    
20New Berlin, WI39,5841%8%    
21River Hills, WI1,5972%100%   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

There are some critical questions related to what is 414 region key is, which is as follows:

1- How can I prevent calls from the 414 area code?

Don’t be if you are worried about a suspicious call and want to block the number!

There are some steps for both mobile user iPhone and android that how to go about it:

For iPhone users:

Please tap on the I next to the unknown number in your recent calls list. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press block this caller.

For Android users:

The procedure is remarkably similar. Open your recent call once more, choose info and then block the number.

2- Is the 414 area code a scam?

Phone scams are one of the most prevalent methods scammers use to obtain personal information from someone or to contact them and charge their account by connecting to the call.

Scammers may sometimes claim to be from a customer service department. Request the company name to conduct a background check on them using Google. If you can’t find any details about the phone number, consider it a red flag and hang up right away, or block the number from your phone.

3- More about Milwaukee:

Milwaukee is the epicenter of one of the country’s largest toll-free calling zones. There are no long-distance costs from one part of the 414 territories to another; sections of the 262 territories, such as Racine, Menomonee Falls, and Waukesha, are also local calls to and from Milwaukee. Despite continuous growth in the Milwaukee area. 414 is far away from exhausted. According to the most recent forecasts, 414 will remain in use for at least another 30 years, indicating that the Milwaukee area will not require another area code.

Back to October 20, 2021, telephone numbers for the central office code 988 were assigned to area code 414. The NSPL authorized 988 as a calling code nationwide in 2020, causing a conflict for exchange that allows 7 numeral number dialing. this area code was therefore scheduled to transition to 10 numeral numbers by October 24, 2021.


Area code 414 is one of the first codes in the US; having been established in 1947, it provides phone numbers for the NSPL central office code 988, a countrywide dialing code, the time zone for the area code is Central. 

In the Wisconsin 414, region code covers different cities includes Greenfield, Oak Creek, Milwaukee, Muskego, West Allis, Hales Corners, Cudahy, Browm Deer, River Hills, Glendale, Shorewood, Fox Point, New Berlin, Bayside, whitefish, Wauwatosa, West Milwaukee, and St. Francis.

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