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256 Area Code

Area code 256 was being created on March 23, 1998. It established as a split from area code 205. This area code covers North Alabama as well as some eastern portions of the state.  It has a single overlay area code 938 that serves the same area.

Time zone

The time zone for 256 area code is Central time zone.

Counties of 256 Area Code

It provides services in many counties. such as Madison County, Morgan County, Lauderdale County, Etowah County, Limestone County, Calhoun County, Marshall County, Talladega County, Cullman County, Tallapoosa County, DeKalb County, Colbert County, Franklin County, Cherokee County, Cleburne County, Lawrence County, Clay County, Coosa County, Randolph County, Lamar County, Winston County and Jackson County.

Metropolitan Areas served by Area code 256

It serves the metropolitan areas that includes Huntsville, Decatur, The Shoals, Gadsden Metropolitan Statistical Area and Anniston-Oxford Metropolitan Area.


  • It was being established on March 23, 1998, because of split from area code 205.
  • To facilitate telecommunication services, people in new area code had much time to update their devices such as computers, cell phones, fax machines accordingly. For this, use of area code 205 continued in area code 256 through September 18, 1998.
  • It developed to avoid exhausting all possible phone numbers in the 205-area code due to population growth and use of new technology in telecommunication.
  • As a result of geographic split, local call procedure will remain the same.
  • Local calls are still made by dialing seven digits. In seven-digit dialing, callers dial only the three digits central office code. the four-digit station number of the telephone subscriber to reach in the same numbering plan area.
  • When an area splits, two areas A and B arise, the area A that retains the existing area code and the area B that receives the new area code.
  • All local call rates remain the same.
  • Decision was in March 2009 by Alabama Public Service Commission that new area code 938 would add as an overlay of 256 in 2011.
  • To meet the demand of new telephone numbers in state, an overlay plan 256/938 made
  • Calling procedure might changed from seven-digit to ten-digits even for local and distant calls.
  • Customers with new phone numbers in an overlay area code update their electronic devices according to overlay area code.
  • People started to use 10-digit dialing from November7, 2009.
  • It became compulsory to dial 10-digit instead of 7-digits by June 5, 2010.
  • It officially became active on July 10, 2010.

Is Area code 256 suitable for Business growth?

Yes, you can grow your business very fast by using Virtual phone numbers of Area code 256/938. By using virtual phone numbers, you can have more access to millions of people and got more exposure. Alabama is a US state with more space to grow in the field of management, education, and technology.

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