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Area Code 334

Area code 334 is a telephone area code that serves the southeastern portion of Alabama, the state of the US. It was the first new area code in Alabama since the implementation of area codes in NANP areas in 1947 when it originates from 205 area codes as a split.


It is in the Southeastern parts of Alabama. This covers large cities include Andalusia, Auburn, Demopolis, Dothan, Enterprise, Eufaula, Fort Rucker, Greenville, Lanett, Millbrook, Montgomery, Opelika, Opp, Ozark, Phenix City, Prattville, Roanoke, Selma, Smiths, Troy, Valley, and More cities.

This area codes also serves metropolitan areas such as Montgomery, Auburn-Opelika, and Dothan, Phenix City, Columbus and Georgia.

Time zone of Area Code 334

The time zone for the 334 area code is the Central time zone.


  • It came from area code 205 as a split on January 15, 1995.
  • It was the first area code since the implementation of area codes in 1947.
  • People in new area got enough time for reprogramming of their devices such as computer, fax machines etc.
  • Initially, It covered half of southern portion of Alabama. 
  • In 2001, Area code 251 split from 334 to serve southwest Alabama.
  • Usually, area codes split to avoid exhaustion of phone numbers due to population growth and use of new technology such as mobile phones, fax machines, computers in telecommunication.

Calling procedure in 334 Area code

  • Local calls are still made by dialing seven digits. It is a telephone dialing procedure to make local calls. It is also known as Local Format. In seven-digit dialing, callers dial only the three digits central office code and the four-digit station number of the telephone subscriber to reach in the same numbering plan area.
  • When an area splits, two areas A and B arise, the area A that retains the existing area code and the area B that receives the new area code.
  • All local call rates remain the same.

Is Area code 334 good for Business growth?

Yes, area code 334 serves the area of Montgomery that is beneficial for the establishment of small businesses.

  • Montgomery is the capital of state and second-largest city in Alabama.
  • You can grow your business in Alabama with a Montgomery area code. It is beneficial for business related to farming, transport, healthcare, manufacturing, government, and management.
  • You can get any number in Montgomery without adding any additional device.
  • User can make a call by using smartphones, computers, or even a tablet.
  • You can expand your business on your own terms by using Montgomery area code, no matter where in the world your business is and serve your customers better for better growth.

More Info about area code 334

  • Area code 334 was the first interchangeable NPA code.
  • Interchangeable NPA and central office codes are three-digit numbers that allow any of the ten numerals in their middle position.
  • It implemented for first central office codes by 1973, which eliminated the restriction in the middle digit (2 to 9) to also permit 0 and 1.
  • Before 1995 it was restricted that the middle position of the area code could only be 0 and 1. But in 1995, this restriction for area codes lifted to lessen overtiredness of the numbering resources. 
  • The first interchangeable NPA code was area code 334 in Alabama, followed by area code 360 in Washington state only one minute later, was compulsory to use on January 15, 1995.

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